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Treehugger by Kea Alwang
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Apr 04, 2012

liked it

a good relate-book for me, i think anyone who has been left behind or having trouble to fit in can definitely relate to this book..

chloe/star i think is a person anyone can relate to, i mean who among us didn't have trouble trying to fit in in a world you know you don't belong to. for example, when moving in to a new place, you have to start from scratch and make new friends again. you will feel helpless and alone if you know that others already made their stereotype about you based on what you look and what you can do. and chloe, on earth is a girl with kind of odd fashion sense and is able to do well on school where her "friends" are cool and popular. who didn't experience that in school?

i gave this book a 3star because of chloe's attitude. she has some inferiority complex because she knows that she doesn't belong to earth. she's somewhat a brat and feels sorry for herself most of the time. i think since she was able to accomplish many things at such a young age, she should be proud of herself and think of everyday on earth as a challenge and not as a burden.

i would definitely recommend this book to young readers and may this story inspire us that we are not alone in this world (even if at times we are)..

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