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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Apr 04, 2012

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

What happened to Dawson Black, Dee and Daemon’s brother in the Lux series? All of the Luxen always comes in triplets. In Obsidian, you learn that Dee and Daemon had a brother who fell for a human girl, but that is about the detail that you get. Dee and Daemon miss their brother terribly so you don’t get the full story. This novella is Dawson’s account of what happened to him.

Dawson Black never expected Bethany Williams to come into his life. Sure he has been attracted to humans before, but never on the level that he was with Bethany. It is forbidden for Luxen to have relationships with humans. All of them know this. All throughout this novella, Daemon and the other Luxen that go to the high school in West Virginia, are against the relationship budding between Dawson and Bethany. He tries to hide it from the DOD because if they found out, there would be trouble for Bethany. What happens when Dawson decides that he doesn’t want to hide anymore and that Bethany is worth the risk of getting caught?

I am really starting to love books by Jennifer Armentrout. I read her Lux series, the Covenant series and am excited about other books that she has being released in the coming year. I LOVED Obsidian. More than I originally thought I would. This story about Dawson gives you the reason why Daemon acts the way that he does in Obsidian. I cannot wait for Onyx to come out in August, to continue the series. Armentrout’s writing is hilarious. I laughed so many times while reading this book.


The cover of this novella shows Dawson standing on a hill near a tree. The cover is blue and you can clearly see his green eyes. I love the Lux Series covers because I think the models give the air of mystery that you would associate with aliens. The fact that the model for Dawson and Daemon (they are triplets after all) is VERY handsome. I had to keep this cover on my Kindle for a while just so I could look at it.

I Liked:

• Dawson Black. Even though he and Daemon look alike, their personalities are very different. Daemon being the eldest of the set of triplets, feels more responsibility for his siblings and that is apparent in his attitude. Dawson is able to relax and be nice to humans. Not totally though, because the threat of Arum finding them is always there and he would do anything to protect Dee and Daemon. I love how he says things.

• Dee Black. She is the caring one of the triplets.

• Daemon Black. Even though he is against Dawson and Bethany, he still supports and protects him in the end.

• Bethany Williams. She is the new student at the high school and Dawson is instantly attracted to him. He worries because he has a carbon copy of himself in Daemon, but Bethany can tell them apart, which he finds amazing. Bethany is a strong character who is also funny.

I Did Not Like:

• Some of the other Luxen in this book. I realize that they are just concerned about Dawson and the Luxen as a whole, but still.

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