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Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter
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Apr 05, 2012

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Kylie is still trying to figure out what she is. She can speak to the dead, exhibits vampire AND were traits, and also seems to possibly be a healer, too. She also could be a protector, which is not very good (protectors tend to be a lot, um, purer than Kylie would like to be). Which brings us to the boys. Kylie is still torn between Lucas and Derek, although she's leaning toward Lucas (at least in this book). The problem there is that he's the leader of a were pack and unless she definitively becomes a were herself, they're not going to be able to be together. (At least, not in the long run. Short-term fun, absolutely.) There's also still trouble from Mario (creepy vampire from the last book) and weird things seem to be happening around Kylie. So what else is new, right?

I'm so glad that there will be at least one more book! (Although given the way Taken at Dusk ended, it would've been cruel to NOT have another book.) I don't like the trend toward trilogies; if it's a series I like with characters I'm in love with, I want way more than three books.

I think Kylie is one of my absolute favorite paranormal YA heroines. She's beyond sarcastic but at the same time, she's so clearly willing to do absolutely anything for anyone she cares about. The problem is that she cares about a lot of people, so she's always managing to put herself in harm's way to save someone, whether or not they'd reciprocate for her.

This is such a fun series. It's also one of those that's completely addictive so now that there are three books out, what are you waiting for?


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