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Your Soul's Gift by Robert Schwartz
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Apr 04, 2012

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it was amazing
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Review posted by Joanie Eisinger on

I was enthralled by Your Soul's Gift - the power of the presentation and the enormously valuable information found within. It is a true masterpiece.

Schwartz begins by sharing what motivated him to write the book: "For millennia humanity has learned through suffering. If we want to move beyond the learning-through-suffering paradigm, then such an understanding [of how lives are planned] is essential." And further: "To bring an awareness . . . of soul planning into the collective consciousness so we can heal the wounded parts of ourselves . . . and in doing so bring an end to incest, rape, and other forms of violation."

A bit later, before the main body of work, Schwartz introduces himself, penning the trials he planned before birth and how his prayers were answered in his current lifetime. How powerful it is when an author shares his story of awakening with the reader! Yes, we learn volumes from those whose stories he tells, yet it is especially moving when we see who an author truly is in spirit.

Your Soul's Gift is presented thoughtfully. The people presented in each chapter experience a different life challenge. Schwartz introduces the topic at hand and then skillfully talks with each person about their experience. Channeled information then sheds light on the life challenge and why it was planned before birth. The mediums and their guides share insights and offer very valuable suggestions as to how one can work through these situations to heal and find peace. Schwartz concludes each chapter, masterfully bringing together points that were raised, adding more insights and depth to the material covered. It's beautifully written and deeply inspiring.

Many terms and concepts are introduced and discussed. We learn about free will, vibration or frequency, karma, being of service to others, the three layers of the soul, learning by contrast or opposites, the process of pre-birth planning, forgiveness work, how to heal traumatic wounds, and old and younger souls. Explanations are easy to grasp, and one is left with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the soul's journey.

The chapters are brilliantly positioned. There is an ebb and flow to the poignant stories; the reader is given respites between high intensity moments. Schwartz uses intellect and heart to create a flowing piece that does not overwhelm, but instead threads hope, succor, and inspiration throughout the material.

As each interviewee becomes enlightened by the information brought forth through the mediums' sessions, so, too, does the reader who sits in Schwartz's "classroom," where sensitive material is examined and discussed. The reader is privy to such intimate sessions and learns so much from the courageous people in the book. These individuals rose to share their trials so they could heal themselves and those who would read Your Soul's Gift.

Schwartz suggests the reader ask this question: "If I planned this experience before I was born, why would I have done that?" He explains that this query encourages expansion of consciousness. He teaches us that all souls are equal partners agreeing to incarnate for their respective growth opportunities. He invites acceptance of pre-birth planning, which enables us to release blame and judgment of others. Embracing pre-birth planning also offers meaning to life; otherwise, the events of our lives are random and often seemingly useless. Schwartz suggests that if we move from passive, victim consciousness to that of active soul participant, we can relate to our fellow souls with greater compassion, understanding, and Love.

I was very moved while reading Chapter 3, the story of Rebecca, who experienced a miscarriage. I wept, smiled, and remembered the miscarriage I had in 1997. Because I embrace the concept of planning at the soul level, the tears were sweet. I was inspired by the detailed account of the fetus being "the angel in human form."

In Chapter 8 Schwartz dares to explore the pre-birth planning of incest. This is perhaps the most powerful chapter, deserving a second read through. I consider sharing something this controversial to be an act of bravery.

Later in the book, Schwartz writes, "It is the awareness of pre-birth planning that can ultimately illuminate one to remember their soul's light, who they truly are." As I gleaned new information that expanded my spiritual knowledge, I felt reassured and comforted that the traumatic events I have experienced were not for naught; they were, in fact, pre-planned "gifts." To be reminded that we are not alone, that we are part of a soul group, that guides watch over us, and that we are all united as a Heavenly family brings me great joy. This book touched my soul, and I am deeply grateful.

I would encourage people to consider this book for their personal healing. For you are not just a passive recipient of information here; you are a soul undergoing transformation. Your Soul's Gift overflows with wisdom for healing present and past-life traumatic events. Schwartz writes, "Your soul . . . longs to integrate its unhealed aspects." If you embrace this idea before sitting down with the book, you will release hidden, unresolved issues more readily. This book is a powerful catalyst for change, helping you move to new vistas.

I highly recommend Your Soul's Gift. It's a gift to, and from, your soul.
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Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Great review, Robert, and you've persuaded me to read the book.

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Wendy Really can't wait to get this book. The first one was amazing

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