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Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell
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May 27, 12

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Read in May, 2012

(I read this book as an ARC provided by ABRAMS through NetGalley for an honest review.)

I was a bit surprised that I actually liked this book more than I thought I would. I was a bit skeptical reading this because Chloe sounds like a selfish kind of main character and the idea of radio station is really not for me. Alright, I love music but not what is happening inside the radio station. It is all ALIEN to me. The TERMS! Oh goodness, the terms, they are eating me up! Yes, I am that not-interested-at-radio-stations. But you know why it actually surprised me? Because the idea of the radio station made me feel at ease throughout the story. It made me feel like I was a staff there even though I am a complete outsider. Of course, despite Chloe's selfishness, she made me laugh. A lot of times!

For the first few chapters, Chloe honestly irritate me. Obviously, she's self-centered for the most part. (See! I am right. She is selfish.) She talks like everything that is happening around her is about her when really, it is not. So basically, I do not feel her at all for the first few pages. But that's just the start. I grew to like her character as the story went on because there are characters who are to HATE better. Though I did not get to feel her at all. What she says and does is out of my reach. It feels like she really is just thinking of herself. And I do not like it because with her so much talking, I felt like I was not able to know the other characters! But sure, she is funny. So I liked her and I liked how her character learned how to listen.

Seriously, I loved the friendship that Chloe has with Brie and Mercedes. It sounds so sweet. The memories she has with them are truly pure and genuine. I know Chloe may be selfish for what she did to Brie that one time. Honestly, I think what she did to Brie is really selfish and mean. I cannot think of a friend especially a best friend doing that to me. Say that it is just a minor mistake, fine. But the deeper effect of it to the friendship is much more serious than we could think of. Though of course, Brie's revenge to Chloe is really really really way out of what Chloe did to her. Really out of way to the point that I hate her more than Chloe! I mean, sure, she is pissed but did she really have to do those things? I do know she has family issues but then I do not think that justifies her actions. And for friendship's sake, if the three of them are really best friends, they will talk it out of their hearts and make peace. So I guess their friendship does not have that great foundation and seriously, breaking up with best friends because of that reason is such a shallow thing.

With my hate for Brie, there's my love for the radio station staff and to Grams. I just love them. I believe they helped Chloe grow as a character in one way or another. Of all the staff, I loved Clementine the most. Sure, I did not get to know anything about her life. I would have loved to know her you know! She is mean but I believe she is soft-hearted in every way. I guess she is just being mean because she is protecting the radio station. Also, I loved Grams. It makes me sad that she has Parkinson's disease. It sounds to be a really bad one. Since Chloe's family is kind of MIA most of the time, I loved how she is there for her despite her condition.

Mysterious guys really do get me all the time. I liked Duncan. I liked how he did his best to crawl out of his shell to have a relationship with Chloe. Sure, he is a guy with some baggage but he is such a strong guy. I liked him for that. The relationship that built up with Chloe and Duncan is surreal.

With a smooth flow of the story, a funny (though irritating - for me) main character, a lovable company of minor characters, and a cute addition of radio station feeling, this contemporary novel will make you hate a few times but will make you laugh a lot of times. It is an enjoyable and an easy read.


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