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A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss
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Apr 03, 2012

really liked it

Really excellent explanations of current cosmology and the historical path to learning what we now know about the beginnings, present and future of the universe (and multiverse). But his ultimate objective is to argue for atheism and in the process dismiss all philosophers and theologians anywhere and anywhen. But he completely misunderstands the entire point of philosophy and theology, assuming their purpose is the same as science, when anyone casually familiar with philosophy and theology understands it is not. This is the Achilles Heel of the new atheists - they so arrogantly dismiss theology that they never spend the time to understand it well enough to properly argue against it. (Of course the new atheists aren't the only ones to misunderstand the purpose of theology -- the young-earthers and biblical literalists also mistakenly believe the purpose of science and theology are the same, which leads them to their bad theology.)

Fortunately, most of the book is about the science, which makes this well worth the read.

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Bob I'll be reading this book on both my Dad's and your strong recommendations. I start in the agnostics/atheists' corner, based on a predisposition toward the scientific point of view, so we'll see what happens. (Not sure what the difference between atheism and New Atheism is; I think it means the latter is on cable.)

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