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1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber
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Apr 07, 12

bookshelves: chick-lit
Read from April 03 to 07, 2012

At the risk of upsetting die-hard Debbie Macomber fans, this was the least favorite of her books that I've read. I found myself rolling my eyes most of the time. Why do these characters play such games? Grace, refusing to fall in-love with a puppy. I can't even remember the characters names anymore, and I just finished the book-- the whiny pregnant girl who ditched the hunky doctor (in the last book). Will and Miranda... good Lord, that was a boring and predictable thing waiting to happen. Worst of all was the whole Rachael fiasco-- with the bratty daughter. My eyes almost rolled permanently in the back of my head, when Rachael refused to accept money from Bruce, while pregnant with his child. Really? It seems like all the characters are just playing games-- heaping on the guilt and stubborn pride. All the story lines wrapped up in a neat little bow-- as predictably as I figured they would. This is good, clean reading. Nothing wrong with that, but I guess I've outgrown the Harlequin romance type of novels. Now, for an exciting history fiction-- with knights sweeping damsels onto the back of their horses, swords, fights, and all that stuff. You won't find it here.
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Shelley Oh AMEN on everything you wrote. Also, Bruce offering Rachel money was just stupid anyway because as a married couple, I'd think they would have combined finances already. I realize not everyone does that, but most people at least have access to each other's money in some form or another (bank card, credit card, etc.) so that whole give Rachel money thing was just bizarre.

Jolene's behavior was beyond the pale. That went way beyond jealousy into downright abuse and Bruce just let it go on. "Oh Jolene refuses to go to therapy, oh whatever shall I do..." GET A GRIP AND BE A PARENT BRUCE! Jolene doesn't get to decide what she will and will not do in your house. With the complete lack of boundaries Jolene had, I'm surprised SHE wasn't pregnant by 13. A midnight curfew for a 13-year-old AND dad has no idea who she's going to be with? Stellar parenting there Bruce. I seriously don't even know why Rachel would marry that guy and get pregnant with him. He sucked as a parent.

And yes, Grace with the puppy. Again with the stupid. I just can't even.

Gloria and Chad made me want to use this book as kindling. It was just so, so, so stupid. "I love you, but I can't admit it to myself..." Get a grip for God's sake.

Will and Miranda - Oh, you kissed me, why did you kiss me, oh but you kissed me old are you people, 12? Again, grow up.

UGH. So yes, I am with you. In fact, this entire series made me want to scream, but this book in particular was just stupid.

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