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Rush Limbaugh by Zev Chafets
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Jul 22, 2015

really liked it
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I have listened to Rush’s radio show on and off since about 1989. Over the years, I have found I can’t really tell a lot a people I’m a fan for fear of getting laughed at, insulted, or a look of disapproval. And forget trying to talk people in to listening. You can’t really get talked in to listening to Rush. It just happens. AND you either love him or hate him or some just tolerate him. I find him funny, passionate and true. At times I think he has gone over the edge and I cringe anticipating inevitable liberal bashing. But somehow, someway, Rush always survives and most of the time comes out of a situation smelling like a rose. This book is a biography. I’m not sure you could label it authorized, however, Rush developed a good relationship with the author and allowed him into his somewhat classified existence. Reading this book, I wondered if Zev was a fan and was leaning toward the positive aspect of Rush and his life. Or, after spending all this time with Rush and his friends and family, did they change Zev’s mind from skeptic to believer. Almost everything Zev wrote about I experience thru the actual radio performance, OR I heard it through the media or Rush himself. I was impressed with myself and how much I knew about Rush and the politics he has proclaimed via radio waves throughout these many years. I did learn some things about his early life, his father, his brother and what steered “Rusty” towards a life in radio. Believe it or not, Rush is a sensitive guy. Some of the bashing he endures from the left he can take and turn it around and give it right back with such flare, they regret what they started. But some of it, especially the personal issues like his weight and the way he lives, he takes very personal. Zev stated in this book that everything Rush said, he was able to back up. I actually think he was surprised at that and I’m sure liberals don’t believe it. Much to the chagrin of all liberals and even some Republicans, Rush does have significant political influence in this country. I am glad he does. I really believe this country needs him to remind us where we started. What this country is all about AND the path we need to take to get it back on track. If you are a Rush fan, you will really enjoy this book. If you aren’t a Rush fan, give it a try anyway, you might be surprised.
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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim Martin What a wonderful review, Kellie! I will have to pick it up sometime. Thank you!

message 2: by Della (new) - added it

Della Scott Well, I won't laugh, insult you or give a look of disapproval. But I get your point. I disagree with Rush on a fair number of things, but I think, on balance, his contributions are positive, and he certainly is resilient. I've been listening off and on since the early 90s.

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