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The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
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Apr 05, 2012

it was amazing
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The Gathering-Kelley Armstrong isn't your typical Young Adult read, for which I am thankful. I was immediately draw into Maya's world. Maya isn't the usual heroine in this genre, either. She is strong willed and intelligent, the perfect role model for today's younger readers. Yes, she has her flaws, which makes her seem more lifelike. I also enjoyed the fact that her background was unknown and ethnic. Nothing typical or cliche about Maya! This genre is flooded with Mary Sues which are not the mainstream, leaving me feeling as if the authors are moral policing me. No, Maya isn't immoral, she is just NORMAL.

The characters in this series fill all the spots that the genre demands: best friend/boy-next-door, mean girl nemesis, smoking hot bad-boy, and quarky parents. Do I find this cliche? No! I loved every second of the characters- the good and the bad. They personalities were so engaging, loving, fun, scary, and sad. The complexity of the characters, their backgrounds added to the story creating a great read.

Male characters/Love interest. They are protective, supportive, and brotherly. The crush is not stalker-ish douchebags that all seem to watch you sleep *creepy*. These types of characters scare me, they teach our lil ladies what is & isn't okay in a crush. The Gathering is a perfect role model for them, look for friendships, and guys that stir butterflies in your belly, and only if they are respectful. *Enough of my genre bashing*

The setting of The Gathering was extremely original and inventive. The research facility, the national reserve, and the mystery surrounding them kept me interested from page one.

What had me read this book cover to cover in two sittings *had to watch Bride's Maids in between* was the mystery, I just HAD to know what happened next. The story, the mystery, the action created a rollercoaster ride of a journey that I didn't want to end. The story ended with a jaw dropping cliffhanger that left me NEEDING more. & I am so thankful that I timed my read to end near the release of Book #2 The Calling.

Armstrong gave me just enough information to keep me enthralled. I want to know more about the Skin Walkers- The Researchers- the community- everything about Maya's parentage- Rafe and his sister. There is so much I need more of. Kelley Armstrong is a master at doling just enough info to keep you on the hook- waiting.

I loved the animals. I think that Marv is more then he appears to be, but what?

Quotes... Gotta have quotes!!

“Yes you're getting your tattoo." I threw my arms around Dad's neck. "Thank you!"
"Hey," Mom said. "I'm the one who had to persuade him it wasn't turning his little girl into a streetwalker."
"I never said that," Dad said.
"No?" I said. "Cool. Cause I've decided to skip the paw print. I'm thinking of a tramp stamp with flames that says 'Hot in Here.' No wait. Arrows. For directionally challenged guys”

“This is so cool," I said loudly as Dad walked away. "Have you met the tattoo artist? Is he hot?" "He's a she," Mom said.
"Is she hot? Cause I'm still young, you know. My sexual identity isn't fully formed."
"Your father can't hear you anymore, Maya." Mom sighed.”

“Another night then,' Mom said. 'Maybe on the weekend we can have a barbecue and invite your sister.'
'Or,' I said turning to Rafe, 'if you want to skip the whole awkward meet-the-family social event you could just submit your life story including your view on politics religion and every social issue imaginable along with anything else you think they might need to conduct a thorough background check.'
Mom sighed. 'I really don't know why we even bother trying to be subtle around you.'
'Neither do I. It's not like he isn't going to realize he's being vetted as daughter-dating material.'
Rafe grinned. 'So we are dating.'
'No. You have to pass the parental exam first. It'll take you awhile to compile the data. They'd like it in triplicate.' I turned to my parents. 'We have Kenjii. We have my cell phone. Since we aren't yet officially dating I'm sure you'll agree that's all the protection we need.'
Dad choked on his coffee.”

“Rafe didn't just flirt-he charmed girls right up to the point where they fell for him, then he changed his mind.I called him a player with attention deficit disorder.”


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