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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
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Apr 03, 2012

it was amazing

I read this book about 2 years ago, and I have to commend it for opening the door for me to want to read YA again after the Twishite Epidemic of '09.

I have to be honest, I truly do not understand why people are so harsh towards this series. First of all, it's from a guy's point of view.How many of those have been published with in even the last 5 years? Oh yeah, NONE! They're all about silly girls who have major attitude problems and COMPLETELY lose sight of the story once they meet the love interest, (who, by the way, treats them like crap, or wants to kill them, or both) and usually tend to have horrible best friends who encourage them to pursue the creepy guy who treats them poorly because, well, they're "hott". Yeah, nothing about Beautiful Creatures fits this description.

Ethan is pretty much every girls dream guy: He reads (classics no less) he's loyal, respectful to women and elders, sensitive, smart, and wants more then just sex from a girl. MUCH BETTER then being a jerk who tries to rape the girl he's supposed to love. *cough* Patch *cough*. I don't see what's wrong with that.

Link is the best friend anyone could ask for. He's there for Ethan, he's nice, and easy-going, and he doesn't encourage Ethan to do stupid things that could potentially be dangerous.

Lena... Okay, she is moody,and if I knew her in real life I probably wouldn't be friends with her. But, chew on this: She might change drastically in a few months and not for the better. Wouldn't you feel a bit guilty about getting close to anyone if you thought that might happen to you? I think so. I know I would.

The Sisters are you typical old south ladies, and my favorite characters in the series. Their banter back and forth is hilarious, and so spot-on for a stereotypical old, southern woman. You can tell they mean a lot to Ethan, and I personally think it's great he loves his aunts so much. A lot of teenagers act like they could care less about their families. Also,if Ethan complained about his family members people would complain about how selfish and emo he is.

I love all of Lena's family members, especially Macon. He reminds me of Cary Grant with a southern accent.

I just have a few comments on things people say about this book:

Whenever someone attempts to explain why they don't like it they can never say why. It's just something vague like "Ethan is very unrealistic." Okay, how? What's so horrible about a boy who loves reading and doesn't drop his G's? What about Edward who is a creepy, pedophilic stalker?? I think Ethan is a way better character. One you can care for, and hope the best for.

FYI Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl ARE FROM THE SOUTH, so I think they would know about the atmosphere of the South. Maybe southerners don't realize it, but there is definitely a very cliquey atmosphere, and definitely judgmental in a small enought town. My aunt and uncle have lived in SC for 5 years now and still do not have close friends. Does that tell you anything? Heck, I've heard southerners themselves say they're judgmental.

I've also heard people say Ethan sounds like a girl the way he describes things. Umm, he's the one narrating the story he HAS to describe things. If he didn't people would complain about the story lacked descriptive qualities. Sheesh! What DOES make people happy? OH, sparkly vampires... I forgot. I suppose people would rather have a cookie-cutter book with crappy, superficial characters. Sad, sad...

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Corey Thanks so much for writing this! You hit every nail right on the head and more. When it comes to BC, people complain about things that they would've complained about if they were absent. Love this book, love the series, and it's among the best YA has to offer right now.

Tara Corey wrote: "Thanks so much for writing this! You hit every nail right on the head and more. When it comes to BC, people complain about things that they would've complained about if they were absent. Love this ..." it really is. I wish more people saw it!

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