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Halo by Greg Bear
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Apr 04, 12

Halo Cryptum is the first book of the Forerunner Saga by Greg Bear and is 342 pages long. This novel is written from the perspective of Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, or Bornstellar for short, a young Forerunner who dreams of finding vast and ancient treasure of the people before his own. Accompanied by the young humans Chakas and Riser, their explorations start on Earth, but eventually take them to the Forerunner Capitol, an artificial planet and also the seat of galactic government, where Bornstellar learns of the Forerunner-Flood War, the war alluded to so many times in the main halo plotline. As civil war erupts over the controversy of the Halo Array, a last ditched effort to defeat the Flood, Bornstellar plays a role beyond his wildest dreams.
This book is a very well written book by an experienced sci-fi writer, but may be too confusing for high school students. However, those who like the Halo series and want to know more about the elusive Forerunners will have most of their questions answered. The book has a mixed and varied word choice, there are numerous plot twists, mysteries, and the idea of transcendence is also featured quite often. There is nothing explicit whatsoever about this book, buta person should have a relatively high understanding of physics if they wish to enjoy this book. It is very personal, and the person whose feelings are expressed is a member of a hyper advanced alien species. From this perspective it is well written, but can be confusing. Being part of a grander plot, it has no discernable message, something sure to change in the third book of the trilogy.

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