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The Next Always by Nora Roberts
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Apr 03, 2012

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Read from May 21 to 23, 2012

3.5-ish stars.

I really, really liked a lot of this. It was pretty great for a set up story. Beckett and Clare were a sweet couple, although I didn't get strong ship feelings like I suspect I might have about the two upcoming pairings. I looooved Clare's kids. I thought they were pretty cute and realistic without being obnoxious/bratty/etc.

(view spoiler)

Very, very much looking forward to the rest of this series.

ETA: I forgot to mention this, but I was amused at the names Nora Roberts used for the rooms at the Inn. Particularly that she named one room after what I believe is her own couple (Eve and Roarke). Also, I just looked this up to be sure, but it is absolutely NO surprise to me that she's from Maryland. The little details in this gave her away. (But seriously, the tourist looking for a book on Antietam. I was amused. Very amused.)

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Katie Haha, I just re-read my review and YEP. Pretty much said the same thing. (view spoiler)

Grace Okay, that's good to know.

message 19: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess I loved the Eve/Roarke joke. But really, I think this is based on her own Inn, so I suspect some of it was stolen from there as well.

Grace Ahahahahaha, that's awesome. I was incredibly amused when I read that originally. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

LA LA LA. My copy of The Last Boyfriend is in transit right now. I have it on hold at all three of my libraries, though. IT'S BECOME A RACE TO SEE WHO CAN GET IT TO ME FIRST.

message 17: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess EXCELLENT. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. And then watching you suffer with the rest of us as we wait for book three. *rubs hands together with evil glee*

message 16: by Grace (last edited May 24, 2012 10:38AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Grace I am realizing that I should not have started this series with so much time left before book three comes out. Grumble.

Watch me get my hands on book two on Tuesday when the JQ comes out. You guys will probably enjoy watching my head explode.

message 15: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess Hee! I hate the way her trilogies have become stretched out over about 18 months. I mean, it makes sense when you consider her insane publication schedule (and she writes an entire series at once, and tries to write multiple In Death books the same way), but still. Sucks.

I think I have settled on the ebook for Julia Quinn. Which means I should pre-order.

Grace Just looking at her backlist makes my eyes bug. HOW ON EARTH DOES SHE DO IT? Did her trilogies used to be more spaced out? And how often does she publish the In Death books? (Which I am going to start. At some point. When I get my current series under control.)

I think I'm going paperback for Julia Quinn because I have the other one in paperback. Although I could still change my mind.

message 13: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess She writes for eight hours a day, every day. I feel like the trilogy books used to be released about one every three months, but I could be misremembering. Generally her publication schedule looks something like:

February - new HC in Death
April - new HC single title
May - new trade series book
September - new HC in Death
November - new trade series book

And of course that doesn't take into account all the reprints. INSANE.

Paperback was my first inclination but then I have to make another trip to Target after I go this weekend (HBP is across the street and it is their memorial day sale), and minimizing trips to Target is in my best interest. Or rather, my wallet's.

Katie Meanwhile, we'll be waiting 20 years for ASOIAF to be finished!

Grace, still want to do In Death together? I was thinking maybe we should set a hard deadline, like, we WILL start them on this date. Because otherwise I'm just going to put it off even more.

Grace BASICALLY YES. And damn, that is seriously impressive.

Paperback is easy enough for me because I can walk an extra couple of blocks and hit B&N before I get on the train Tuesday morning. The real question is whether I will make it in and out without buying anything else. I understand about minimizing trips to Target. I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY.

Katie, YES. Let's! I'll probably have a better idea of where I stand wrt library books after this weekend. There are so many that we'll (or at least I'll) have to space them out anyway.

message 10: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess See, I can't justify buying at B&N for the full cover price when I know I can get it at Target for two dollars less. And the ebook splits the difference, so a dollar is probably worth the convenience plus me not buying whatever else that I might have otherwise.

EXCELLENT. I might read the first couple with you guys. Not all of them. I'm not doing that again. But until they get married at least.

Grace If I knew my Target would carry it (they NEVER have any JQ, this is sadly not a very good Target) and getting there didn't put me out of my way, I'd probably do that. I'll use my parents' B&N membership (I have no shame) and I'll come out about $0.50 behind. Which is apparently my convenience factor too, haha. Until I end up buying five other books while I'm in there...

There are an insane number of those books. I should start checking library availability.

Katie So my library offers JD Robb "collections" of 5 ebooks at a time (these). Although 5 at a time seems kind of a lot?

(And, seriously, no worries, Grace. My library pile is AWFUL. I guess I need to get harsh and return some. I'm pretty interested in, like, ALL of them, but I need to limit myself.)

Grace My library has that too! They only have those starting with book eleven, and I kind of agree, five at a time seems like a lot. I was thinking 2-3 a month might be more reasonable? If I have a week to put them on hold, I don't foresee any major problems tracking down copies of the books. Although sadly, I think I might have to do hard copies and not ebooks because of availability.

(I finally got a handle on my physical library books, but my library ebooks are out of control right now. The 14 day loans are a problem because I checked too many of them out all at once... AT LEAST THREE OF THEM ARE PRINCESS DIARIES.)

Katie I THOUGHT I'd seen the collection for the first five at my library before, but I'm only seeing the ones for six and beyond now. But yeah. Physical books should be readily available and 2-3 a month sounds good.

I seem to switch back and forth between being out of control on ebooks and physical books. Siiiigh.

Grace I DID TOO, ACTUALLY. I don't know where they went. IT'S A MYSTERY.

This is the first time I've had more than 1-2 library ebooks out at once. It's a learning experience. I HOPE.


YEAH. When they first came out for the kindle, I basically dled anything that sounded the least bit interesting haha. But it's so unfair! So many books sound good! I want to read it all!

Jess Grace, if it makes you feel better the PD books should take you about five minutes to read. I read about three of them in a day.

I have too many long ebooks out right now, but that's a by product of my trip. I requested stuff I wouldn't have otherwise. Oops?

Grace Yeah, I have 2-4 and I'm already halfway through 2 right now. And I actually have a full week on the other two, which makes me feel better. I CAN HANDLE THIS. I CAN.

I swear, most of this is the result of my trip last weekend too. What killed me was the bus trip on Sunday, when I didn't feel like reading the books I had checked out and I ended up reading things I own instead.

Jess Yeah, I spent most of the trip reading romance novels I bought right before I left. Though, in my defense, The Book Thief was perhaps not the smartest choice as far as vacation reading went.

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