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Stardust by Neil Gaiman
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Apr 03, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 13-25

Tristran is a young boy who loves a girl, this girl just so happen to be flirty and interested in who is the richest. In an attempt to win Victoria’s love, Tristran promises to capture a falling star that they saw together and bring it back to her. It turns out that this particular star landed in faerie land, and because it didn’t land it Tristran’s world, the star is a beautiful woman and not a rock, but as soon as she crosses over to his world, she becomes just a rock. Three witches are also after the star in order to regain their youth and seven brothers, who are also after the star because she was knocked out of the sky by a piece of topaz that their father threw out on his death bed and said whoever retrieved it could have the kingdom. Tristran and the star become good friends and by the time he reaches the wall he has to make a choice to either win Victoria’s love or allow his new found friend to live.
There are number of different plots and story elements that are carefully crafted together, the characters are wonderful and the main characters all undergo a transformation at the end. StarDust is written in past tense third person narrative and the story line moves quickly. Gaiman does a good job of blending our world together with a fantasy world, but both worlds have an old-fashioned feel to them though that feel isn’t conveyed by the use of archaic and awkward speech. This is an easy read an would be great for someone who isn’t much of a reader.

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