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Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
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Apr 03, 12

From the guy that brought you "Fight Club", yet another novel filled to the brim with outrageous characters and the disturbing things that happen to them.

The basic story centers around Shannon McFarland who, after taking a face-full of buckshot to the jaw, is left horribly disfigured and wandering the world as a freak. Soon she meets Brandy Alexander, a transgender diva that is part of a gang of drag queens. From there-on-in, you can expect inane situations, odd characters, and disturbing plot twists. This is, after all, a book by Chuck P. Could you expect any less?

What "Fight Club" did for wannabe anarchists this book did for angst-filled teenage lost souls that have been outcast for being "different", or so many make the connection. Praising the weird and shunning the normal, it is easily a book that will be well-loved by many just entering the stage of being a teenager. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, as I myself discovered this book (like many before me) through the song "Time to Dance" by Panic! At the Disco. Being among the stereotypical army of depressed rejects I instantly connected to all the characters, one way or another.

Though certainly not one of the best written novels, with somewhat lazy and disoriented writing littered with obscenities and variations thereof, it still contains a few memorable quotes (such as "When did the future go from being a promise to being a threat?") and, although a simple and often-used one, a heartwarming message of being who you are, and not who people want you to be.

Of course it isn't one of the greatest pieces of literature to come out of literary world, I still highly recommend it to those looking for something that is different, in a shocking and pleasantly sinister way.

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