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The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen D. Randle
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Apr 03, 2012

The Only Alien on the Planet, by Kristen D. Randle, is about a girl named Ginny who moves to a new town in her senior year of high school. At her old school, Ginny was popular enough, but here she just can’t seem to fall into place. She eventually becomes good friends with her neighbor, Caulder, who has a heightened interest in a boy who lives next door to him. This boy, Smitty, is in some of Ginny’s classes, and she takes a mild note of him, that is until Caulder tells her his story. Smitty hasn’t spoken a word to anyone ever since he was two years old. On paper though, he is a genius, and is speculated to even train teachers. Ginny and Caulder decide to befriend Smitty, though he never talks. Little by little, Ginny learns the unspoken language of Smitty, and we eventually find out why Smitty has never spoken to anyone.
I loved this particular novel. I found myself as equally invested in the mystery of Smitty as the other characters were. I found myself having a heightened awareness of him, just as Ginny and Caulder had. Any new development had me at the edge of my seat, and I was rooting for each character. This was a wonderful example of friendship, love, and overcoming fears, and is a novel that I would recommend to anyone. There are some descriptions of traumatic events that occur, however nothing graphic or unsuitable for younger audiences.

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