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The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron
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Reviewed by Laura for - 7/10 on the blog

'The Spirit Rebellion' takes off where just after 'The Spirit Thief' with Miranda returning to the Spirit Court to report her failure to apprehend Eli, and her defeat of the evil enslaver. But political games are afoot at the Spirit Court and before she knows it, Miranda is accused of working with the thief for her own ends and in serious trouble. It looks as though she really needs to capture Eli this time in order to clear her name.

Eli, Josef and Nico are trying to get Nico a new coat before her demon seed takes over. But on their return when the wealthy Duke of Goal has set up posters advertising his impenetrable citadel, Eli cannot resist the bait. Ok, so it's a trap, but he's Eli Monpress, he won't get caught... Right?

This book continues with light hearted humour of the first. Yes Eli's arrogant, cheeky and reckless, but he's also charismatic and charming and you can't help but love all of the antics he gets away with. We find out a little more about his past, with a prologue giving us insight into his parentage and we also get to meet his foster father, an equally rampant thief. But I still feel like we haven't scratched the surface of what makes Eli tick. We also learn some more about Josef and Nico, I find the bond between them in particular quite fascinating.

The beginning of the book darts about at first until all of the threads finally come together. But this does make it a little slow occasionally. Once again we get a serious baddie, and as soon as that baddie is realised you kind of know how the story if going to go, but at the same time you're grinning as it does so. It's the characters that make the book, Miranda is as fab as Eli, even if they are total opposites. She reminds of the head girl at school with her affinity with rules and drive to always do the right thing. I do very much enjoy the magical world that Aaron has created with all living things having a soul and personality, it adds some interesting twists to the plot.

The narration of the audiobook is picked up my Luke Daniels once more, an excellent narrator. I also like it when the same person continues with the series as you become use to their style and portrayal of the characters.


A light, fun adventure with fab characters and a great fantasy world. If you're a fantasy fan, it's not a series you'll regret picking up.

NB: Audiobook Edition
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