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Taking Shots by Toni Aleo
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May 02, 2012

really liked it

I have to start by saying "Wow". I first heard about the ASSASSINS SERIES from my friend Autumn at The Autumn Review. When I began asking her questions about the series, she said, and I quote, "I didn't know how much sauce you could take." To which I promptly replied that " I could handle plenty, thank you very much!" So I signed on for this blog tour and climbed aboard the ASSASSINS train.

I must say that TAKING SHOTS was a fun read from start to finish. The story has engaging lead characters, a really dramatic story, and some super duper sexy times. Elli and Shea were easy to adore. She is a sort of "everywoman" with her self-esteem issues and easy demeanor. He is a sweet, generous, hockey-playing-hottie! I love nice guys. Shea is a one-woman kind of guy and the only woman on his radar is Elli. Only problem is, Elli is still wrecked from a long-term relationship with a total asshat. Shea is determined to win Elli's love, but even he may be no match for her insecurities.

What a got out of TAKING SHOTS was pure fun, a bit of a guilty pleasure. Let me tell you, author Toni Aleo can write some sexy men and some smoking hot scenes. Seriously, I had a few hot flashes while reading this book. And better yet, even when the characters were merely flirting, or almost hooking up, the chemistry was out of this world.

I will say, there are a few editing issues. I did read an eARC, though, so I can't speak for the finished copy. Normally I'm a bit picky about this. But to be perfectly honest, I was so into the story that I hardly minded.

TAKING SHOTS was a great escape for me. I mean, who doesn't want to get swept away by a hot hockey player? The story was pure fun, with a nice dose of drama and I'm excited to read more of the series.

Favorite Quote:

"I want to see you because I like you. I like you because you are amazing, sweet, and understanding. If I ever hear you say you are ordinary again, I might smack your ass. You are gorgeous, Elli. So freaking beautiful that sometimes, like tonight, I find myself speechless at your beauty."

(eARC, pg68)


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Tara YEA!!!!! im glad you liked it!!!

Andrea It's such a fun series to read. I'm happy I signed on. Now we need to pressure Toni for book three!

Tara hehe she is working on it and let me tell you!!! oh baby!!!

message 4: by Karina (new) - added it

Karina Halle I MUST READ. Being a Canadian and all...

Andrea Karina wrote: "I MUST READ. Being a Canadian and all..."

Canadians love their hockey!

Andrea Tara wrote: "hehe she is working on it and let me tell you!!! oh baby!!!"

ooh, I can't wait!

Karina wrote: "I MUST READ. Being a Canadian and all..."

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