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Smile by Raina Telgemeier
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Apr 02, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Shadai Austin
March 2012
Raina Telgemeier

Protagonist: The main character starts off in the book in 7th grade. She has a overbite and she is about to get braces. Most of her friends have braces. She doesn’t really want them though. She has a perfect smile and doesn’t want braces ruining it. She has straight/curly hair. Her crush never sees her and she joins the basketball team just for him to notice her.

Antagonist: Her dentist. Her dentist is tall and has grey hair. He has been fixing her teeth for a long time even though she is a teenager. He isn’t even supposed to be fixing her teeth anymore. Her dentist is not someone in her favor because every time she goes and gets her braces done her dentist is hurting her teeth. She doesn’t like it either.

Conflict: The main conflict in the story is that Raina is getting braces and she doesn’t want them. Raina always had messed up teeth, and always needed braces. The main conflict is she got her braces sooner after she fell. It was never Raina’s intention in falling though. Maria, Raina’s best friend already has braces and she is the reason why Raina fell, because they were chasing each other out of the car.

Theme: The universal lesson is to never chase after someone while going into the house. Don’t chase after them especially if you are getting out of the car. If you do, there is a chance of tripping on the curb. Also, if you are getting braces, try to get them in middle school.. before high school starts. Raina didn’t like having braces in high school.

Setting: The times were during the day. During the day at Raina’s school. They were also at her house where the setting was taken place. Raina rarely went anywhere, and she was mostly at home and school. Raina’s dentist appointments are scheduled in the evening.

Plot: In the beginning of the book, Raina didn’t want braces. She had an overbite. She just wanted to get it over with. One day, something changed her whole life. She didn’t know what would happen after this. She was so scared, and worried.

In the middle of the book, Raina fell trying to chase Maria out of the car. That ruined her life. She had a lot of missing teeth. Eventually, Raina had to get fake teeth. Some people wouldn’t even talk to Raina after that. One day during recess her fake teeth fell out and everyone started laughing at her.

In the end of the book, Raina eventually got a head brace. She only had to wear it at night. Raina also got replacement teeth while her teeth were growing in. Raina’s two front teeth eventually grew back and she had a perfect smile. She went to highschool with perfect teeth and people were nicer to her.

Climax: The major turning point in the book is when Raina got her braces. That changed her so much. It made her look different also. Raina wasn’t too pleased to have braces so that changed her attitude. It changed how everyone thought of Raina, they probably thought she was weird because she had braces but all she wanted was perfect teeth, and a perfect smile.

Resolution: The resolution, is Raina gets her braces before high school. Raina got her braces before freshman year in high school. That is what she wanted. Raina wanted to have a perfect smile and that is what she got. It did take 2 years though.

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