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Clockwise by Elle Strauss
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Apr 02, 12

Read in April, 2012

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Time travel seems to be a peek of interest for me because there are just so many individual ways to interpret it and I must say that I enjoy Elle Strauss' spin on Casey's form of "tripping" into the past.

Being a fan of history, I had a very keen interest in the past travels of Casey. The encounters with the townspeople, the blending into society, the remembrance of Willie, Samuel, and Sara. The only think that I had trouble with was differentiating the past with the present because of conversation between Casey and those around her during the "trip" but other than that I enjoyed the whole experience. Even the remake of the cover is a nice installment, I enjoyed the color and pocket watches happen to be my thing C;

Casey as a character was tough for me to relate to, to really feel for her. If the beginning I felt detached because I didn't understand her feelings, or really why, she was attracted to Nate. Yes, he's the most popular and handsome boy at school, but what made her like him so much and have her fall head over heels towards him particularly, even when he was already in another relationship. The more Casey started to diverge into the "trips" and the farther in I was able to watch her develop and see her struggle while two worlds began to blur together. With that I wished that she would have given up on Nate, she had so much more potential that stalk after him. I just feel like the unobtainable jock seems to be a played out motif within YA genres and I just wish that there could have been a different set up, or maybe no bitchy cheerleaders, or just something out of the ordinary.

With humor, wit, and adorable character that grew on me, I did enjoy Clockwise even with the kinks. Definitely am looking forward to start Clockwiser.

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