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Aftereffects by Zane Bradey
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Jun 27, 12

It's been a few months since I read this book, so I'm going from memory here.

Zane Bradey's novel, Aftereffects, is more of a collection of stories with the charactor of Victor Frenzel being the only constant linking them. I found this approach to not do justice to the storyline.

The basic idea is Victor Frenzel develops a cure for zombies to turn them human again. Only thing is, the doc's got a chip on his shoulder about zombies because his wife was killed by one. (This really isn't a spoiler since this information is given pretty quick in the book. The fact that Frenzel hates zombies is given away in the prologue or the first chapter.) I found Bradey follows a pattern in every chapter (with one or two exceptions) where a former zombie shows up for their appointment, they describe their pre-zombie life, then describe how they became a zombie. Then Frenzel kills them. Like I said, there's one or two exceptions to this pattern, but for the most part that's the plot of each chapter or story in the book. Personally, I think this book would have worked better had he done it as a linear story and kept Frenzel's feelings toward zombies hidden to make the killings in the book more of a mystery and keep reader's guessing as to whom the killer may be. Instead of each chapter taking place in the office, I think Bradey could have done more justice to the story by showing the characters living their post-zombie lives and maybe skipping back and forth between them.

What did the author do right? First of all, this was a very original idea. When I first heard the concept of the book, I thought it was a great one. I was really looking forward to reading the book.

Second, the author does the action scenes very well. There are quite a few action scenes in this book and the author describes them very well. Some of them will have you on the edge of your seat during fight scenes.

All in all, I thought it was a great concept for a book. It's an interesting revenge story, but I think the author could have done a lot more with it.

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