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Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter
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Apr 02, 2012

Read in April, 2012

Really disliked this book, but I was in a situation where I needed a book, and it was the only one I had. A forensic patholgoist, Sara, is married to a police officer, Jefffrey. The couple has just gotten back together after having been separated and they are trying to repair their relationship. Lena, Jeffrey's coworker on the police force, has gotten herself into major trouble in her hometown, so jeffrey goes there to investigate. Her town is a very poor rural town in Georgia. I forget how or why, but somehow Sara ends up going with him. All kinds of mayhem ensues. Finally they solve the mystery. The ending leaves some ridiculous ends unsolved, yet solves some permanently that could have been left hanging. I hated how Slaughter portrays rural towns. She portrays rural towns as dirty and filled with people who are nasty, She has pheasants being hunted with hounds, and a dentist gets his patients addicted to meth by using it to "take the edge off" during dental work. This goes on for twenty years and no one catches him or reports him to the authorities. Many of the bad guys are Neo-Nazis, as if all rural southern towns are filled with neo Nazi meth dealers. Then, so that it doesn't seem like she's slamming the south too much, she has the head of the whole operation come from Keene, New Hampshire. Apparently he has a "compound" in Keene, surrounded by barbed wire and mean dogs. Seriously? Keene New Hampshire is a college town and a pretty unlikely place for a compound that contains an interstate meth ring.

Anyway, if you're stuck in a situation where you need books, I hope this isn't the only one you have.

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Eunyoung You should mention that your review has a major spoiler for those who haven't read it yet!! Good thing I read your review after having finished the book.

Eunyoung Oops! I'm sorry Coralie. My comment was mention for another reviewer!

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