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The Dark Angels by Z. Allora
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Apr 02, 2012

did not like it
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message 1: by Z. (new)

Z. Allora sorry you were disappointed. if you have time to give me more feedback i would appreciate it. thanks, z.

Tairinn Z. wrote: "sorry you were disappointed. if you have time to give me more feedback i would appreciate it. thanks, z."
I am really sorry Z., but i couldn't even finish this book first time ( i did finish it latter only because i NEVER let any book unfinished).
I like chars and sex is hot but interaction between then just silly .For example : "straight" men asking his gay friend show how he use sex toy, come on, even if he is in denial, no, special if he is in denial, he would never want sexual contact with anything is gay.
And when i buy this book i waited read about rock band and their life , what i got is two guys go vacation and build theirs relationship, i don't feel at all this guys is rock stars.
Sorry again Z. i didn't start second book in this series yet , but i hope it will be better.
And don't forget, its only my opinion, there are people who love yrs writing.

message 3: by Z. (new)

Z. Allora T,
I really do appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. It helps.
The point I was trying to make (& I am still drawing the connections between the dots) is I think there are more categories than just the broad four we usually think of... Angel was Darius's trigger for being able to explore this part of himself that was there but yet discovered. His self talk drove most people crazy (including me) but even though I LOVE the gay for you part of this genre it usually to straight to gay (that's why I had a six month lead time of confusion off page... leading up to the book).
I certainly hope you like the second book better (certainly Darius is more accepting of his sexuality)... There is some onstage rock band stuff but SJ Frost does much more in her Conquest series (especially band stage)... my focus is usually on the characters and their acceptance of love (which can be round a bout! LOL) The Dark Angels: Tied Together explores Josh and Robin's relationship (why it is so confusing & Robin also has somethings to accept about his own sexuality beyond being gay)... I am afraid to recommend it. But thanks for writing. Hugs, Z.

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