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Wrecked by Anna Davies
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May 10, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: ya, marmaids, arc
Read from April 26 to May 01, 2012

This is the second mermaid related book that I’ve read (The Mermaid Mirror was the first one) and I have to say that I was disappointed by it. Believe me when I say that I don’t like to write unfavorable reviews, but I try to be as honest as possible.

As you can imagine by the description the story is very similar to The Little Mermaid (the Disney version actually). This is not necessarily a bad thing and I do love re-telling s of the classic stories, Beastly is a great example, but I do have some issues with Wrecked. The characters left much to be desired. Miranda is so depressed and whines and complaints a lot. I really tried to put myself in her shoes, but I just couldn’t. If I found myself to be this unhappy and being blamed for something that was not my fault, I would take my fancy car and leave *period* I think Miranda did have serious issues and needed help.

The story is told from alternate points of view (between Christian and Miranda). I did like Christian, although he wasn’t given as much light to shine as I would have wanted. He is more practical and more mature than Miranda is. The attraction between them seemed too fast and not believable. I did like Miranda’s grandmother (even if no one else did) since she had a strong character and was doing the best she could under the circumstances. The Sea Witch was, as you might expect, the stereotypical villain.

There are many inconsistencies and loose threads throughout the story. Since I read an ARC, I can only hope that the final version was heavily edited to catch and correct these. The school scenes didn’t add much to the story and the way everyone was shunning her was completely unreasonable. The writing was just okay for me. The ending was quite abrupt and poorly crafted.

As I said, I really wanted to like the story, but it just didn’t cut it for me.

About the cover: I like the cover, the guy’s shiny skin, the water and the coloring. I think it is beautiful. I just have to mention that it might be a tad too much for a YA book, but that’s just my opinion.

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message 1: by Annette (new) - added it

Annette Even tho u read an ARC version of the story I didn't ...and man there are so many errors that weren't corrected sometimes I want to throw the book down and read it when someone fixes all those errors. It makes it difficult to read and I am only on page 63!! There is 1 that really bugs me.. After the crash when she goes to see Fletch. It reads: "People who got better didn't have the same amount of machines surrounding them as they did hours before the accident" I'm pretty sure that if he didn't have any kind of machines hooked up to him BEFORE the accident, u less I misread that or something. There are a lot of errors like that in the book I have to re-read over and over to make sure it's not just me and my dyslexia playing tricks...and I hate that the uses band names sooooo much during the book. Especially when it came to what kind of bottled water they were having asthe beach party in the beginning. Shakes head... So far it's been an interesting book but needs another editor to review it .. And I hope that they have more about the life Under because that is what kinda drew me to the book.. Not some tragic accident and a bunch of whining by Miranda about her oh so horrible life.... I hope it gets better or it will be another book added to the back burner.

Like you said if that happened to me I would be outta there before someone could say anything other than it was an accident.

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