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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Apr 02, 12

Read in March, 2012

This is only of the most wanted books this year and I can see why. I hadn't read Delirium, the first book in the Delirium series. Thankfully I got it and flew threw it before reading Pandemonium. I am so glad I did and if you are thinking about reading Pandemonium I would recommend reading Delirium first. It is an amazing book, one you will not be able to put down until you finished and the ending will leave you gasping for more, thankfully Pandemonium was out and I had it so I could do straight on with the story. Lauren Oliver is an amazing writer, she has created an amazing world and the most incredible love story.

There will be a few spoilers in here if you haven't read Delirium as I can't not include them. Delirium covers the setup for the world and the explanation of amor deliria nervosa the disease which is killing everyone and also how it is cured.

There are two story lines through out the book. The first being in the past tense Lena escapes into the Wilds, where she gets taken by a group of Invalids. She has to toughen up, learning skills she has never had before, like hunting and survival. She eventually starts to settle with this group and makes friends. The other one is based in the present which is several months later, where Lena has joined the resistance and infiltrated an organisation called Deliria Free America. This organisation are campaigning the cure to be given to the under 18's.

Finding out more about The Wild's was really interesting in this book. There are so many curve ball twists thrown into this book that you won't want to put it down until the end. I loved Alex in Delirium, but Lena believes he is dead. She still thinks about him a lot but doesn't talk a lot about him as she's trying to get over him. We meet a new boy, Julian. He is very different from Alex. He wants a cure. He meets Lena and things change, gotta love a good love triangle.

The ending is killing me, I want more, I need more and have a whole year to wait until I get my fix. Not sure I will last that long. The cliffhanger ending... wow.

This series is incredible, one I would highly recommend to everyone who loves a good Dystopian novel and a breathtaking love story. It is an action packed roller coaster of a ride from start to finish and will leave you gasping for more.

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