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Loving Summer by Kailin Gow
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Don't hate me, but I really enjoy stories where guys compete for the love of a girl. Normally these stories only involve two guys competing, but this one had three. Yes, THREE. Is it weird to want this girl's problem? Seriously. Three drop dead gorgeous guys wanting lil ole me is a ridiculous fantasy, but hey, a girl can dream. lol.

However, this story about Summer and her three potential mates did give me whiplash. Let me introduce them. First there's Nathaniel or Nat. Summer has had a crush on him since they were kids, but Nat seems oblivious, though everyone else around them knows the truth. However, he can no longer ignore the fact that other guys are starting to notice Summer. He starts to see her in a different light. Second, there's Nat's brother, Drew. Drew is a player, plain and simple. Girls just flock to him wherever he goes. His secret is that he's been pining for Summer though never decided to act upon it since he knows how she feels about his brother, Nat. Last, and certainly not least, is Astor. He's a celebrity and has gotten to know Summer while attending her Aunt's acting school. He's sweet and is completely open with his feelings. Each of these three boys are interested in Summer. Each of them is unique in their own right. Summer, of course, can't choose.

Throughout the book, she goes back and forth, back and forth with each guy she likes most. Why he's better than the other and vise versa. I couldn't keep up. I knew what she was feeling considering I, too, couldn't choose. As soon as I start to favor one over the other, the other did something incredible and made me re-think. Grrrr! I don't know who I'm rooting for. With that said, I have no other choice but to read the sequel when it comes out so I can continue to live vicariously through Summer. =D
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52.0% "Astor, Nat & Drew. All of them are interested in Summer. Oh, to have a problem like that. Only in books. Still, I wanna be Summer =)"
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