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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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Feb 02, 2014

really liked it

I ran to the Sookie Stackouse series after suffering the disappointmentofthe smut fest that is Laurell K Hamilton. I picked up Dead Until Dark, read it, and enjoyed it greatly. I will separate the review in pros and cons.

Sex scenes were tame and short. You don't get trashy, vulgar details.

The mystery and suspense is sure to satisfy. I was like :O the entire time.

Characters were very nice. The vampires are sexy and dark, but not ridiculously so. Angsty Twilight brooding did not exist.

Overall plot, setting, and dialogue. Charming and southern.

Sookie is about the only character I can really complain about. She is a walking contradiction. She constantly butts into other people's business while angrily telling them to stay out of hers. She claims she is such a good girl, but kisses another man twice while in a relationship. As the series continues, her hypocrisy gets worse. Some say it makes her more human. I say it makes her an unbelievable child, seeing as she never tries to fight the obvious hypocrisy.

She is also a borderline Mary-Sue, having a lot of men wanting her for seemingly no reason.

Despite this, I still love the book, and while I can't guarantee you will enjoy it as well, I can at least encourage you to give it a chance.

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Carolyn Wow, so many errors in my first review. I hate myself.

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