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The Einstein Intersection by Samuel R. Delany
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 01 to 11, 2012

i'm not sure what it was that i read but i think it was great. how can that be? not really sure but partially the language blew me away. also the brevity of the story - so much in just a little over 100 pages with sparse writing at that. my first delany read and by no means my last.

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Reading Progress

04/01/2012 page 6
04/01/2012 page 12
9.0% ""In myths things always turn into their opposites as one version supersedes the next.""
04/01/2012 page 17
13.0% "starting to understand and like the writing style: "He came leaping, and that leap rained us with shadow and twigs and bits of leaf. Turning his haunch with one foreleg over here and a hind-leg way the hell over there, he looked down at us with an eye bloodshot, brown and thickly oystered in the corners. His eyeball must have been big as my head. The wet, black nostrils steamed. He was very noble.""
04/01/2012 page 18
13.0% "ha, this is true!: "Some things are so small you don’t notice them. Others are so big you run right into them before you know what they are.""
04/01/2012 page 33
24.0% "he rescued the damsel in distress! ;)"
04/01/2012 page 38
28.0% ""As we tromped through the long weeds, suddenly we heard stems crash down among themselves. I almost sat down right there. It was only a boar. His ear could have brushed my elbow. That’s all." ;D"
04/01/2012 page 38
28.0% "bizarre language being used. i don't know how much is because it's sf written in the 70s (far out) or just delaney's style or if it's supposed to be clues about these people, or all three i suppose."
04/01/2012 page 45
33.0% ""A frond full of ham, vegetables, and spiced fruit made me stop thinking about anything except what wasn’t in my belly, and I learned that a good deal of my metaphysical melancholia was hunger. Always is.""
04/01/2012 page 52
38.0% ""While day leaned over the hills I passed the first red flowers, blossoms big as my face, like blood bubbles nested in thorns, often resting on the bare rock. No good to stop here. Carnivorous.""
04/01/2012 page 66
49.0% "i like how delaney sometimes throws us a bone (to understand his writing better): "when about twenty dragons got stuck in a mintbog (a slushy quicksand bog covered with huge bushes of windy mint, right? Mintbog).""
04/01/2012 page 67
49.0% "also i like how with just a few words peppered here and there (i.e. "city sands"), we get a clear sense of a post-apocalyptic earth but it's not the main point or even bemoaned much at all."
04/01/2012 page 71
52.0% ""The stronger you are, the more receptive you are to the memories that haunt these mountains, these rivers, seas and jungles. And I’m strong! Oh, we’re not human, Spider. Life and death, the real and the irrational aren’t the same as they were for the poor race who willed us this world.""
04/02/2012 page 75
55.0% ""A fly bobbed on a branch, preening the crushed prism of his wing (a wing the size of my foot) and thought a linear, arthropod music. I played it for him, and he turned the red bowl of his eye to me and whispered wondering praise." cool."
04/11/2012 page 103
76.0% "lost a bit of what's going on but still enjoying it. definitely a book to re-read."
04/11/2012 page 104
76.0% ""When you go through the gate at Branning-at-sea and leave the country, you retreat to the country for your vocabulary to describe it: rivers of men and torrents of women, storms of voices, rains of fingers and jungles of arms. But it’s not fair to Branning. It’s not fair to the country either.""
04/11/2012 page 106
78.0% "We have taken over their abandoned world, and something new is happening to the fragments...You must take its importance exactly as that: it is indefinable; you are involved in it; it is wonderful, fearful, deep, ineffable to your explanations, opaque to your efforts to see through it; yet it demands you take journeys, defines your stopping and starting points, can propel you with love and hate, even to seek death..."
04/11/2012 page 116
85.0% ""“THIS IS WHY HE IS CHASING YOU-or making you chase him. He needs order. He needs patterning, relation, the knowledge that comes when six notes predict a seventh, when three notes beat against one another and define a mode, a melody defines a scale. Music is the pure language of temporal and co-temporal relation.""
04/11/2012 page 118
87.0% ""In a week another birthday, and I can start the meticulous process of overlaying another filigree across the novel’s palimpsest. " -- i like the author's journal entries. and here, filigree and palimpsest."
04/11/2012 page 118
87.0% "I stopped in the Sultanahmet Jammi. The blue designs rose on the dome above me. It was restful....The stones were cold under my bare feet. The designs keep going, taking your eyes up and out of yourself. ... In the second story of the old teahouse across the park I sat in a corner away from the stove and tried to wrestle my characters towards their endings... Endings to be useful must be inconclusive."
04/11/2012 page 121
89.0% "" Chords fell open like sated flowers.""
04/11/2012 page 123
90.0% ""Once I was so hungry that when I ate I was frightened. The same fear now. Only more.""
04/11/2012 page 125
92.0% "i don't understand most of what's happening but i love the language: "I missed a stair and grabbed the banister four steps down. The building hurled me into the park. I caught my balance.""
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