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Sela by Jackie Gamber
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Apr 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from April 01 to 06, 2012

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In Redheart, Kallon and Riza's deep inner wishes are granted and they can finally be together as dragons.
So as Sela begins as a reader its a real wonder to find that Sela is the daughter of Kallon Redheart and Riza not Diantus but now Redheart! She's an artistic girl and very much like her mother wanting to look for her place in life. As the dragon-born daughter of Kallon and Riza she had an idea of what her life would be like: Eventually becoming a ruler of her father's dragon kingdom of The Leland Mountains until one day she transforms into a human not able to change back to her dragon form. Sela takes it extremely hard feeling that Kallon is ashamed of her now that she's human. Kallon sends her out to stay in human occupied land of . To adjust to life with humans now that she is one. Its not something easy for Sela considering she finds many people have poor respect toward dragons. When the province of Leland takes up a census on all the Leland maidens Orman Tistleby who's now Sela's uncle senses something fishy. Rather than risk Sela being discovered he figures they should return to the dragon dwelled , Mountain Gore, in Leland province. With her return Sela now more than ever feels her place is no longer just with the dragons and she must pursue her place in the world the same way her parents did in their time. When she leaves to pursue her destiny she discovers that the census was a total deception and a soldier named Bannon she recalls wants her to leave with him to attend Leland's province choosing of a maiden who shall marry Venur Vorham Ridess of Esra. Sela once there makes a new human friend named Gladdis in who at first seems indifferent to the endangerement of dragons but slowly sees that dragons are much like humans. While she believed at first with her upkeep she'd never attract the attention of the Venur her way of seeing things proves wrong and she's ambushed with a marriage she doesn't want. As Sela is stuck with no way out of Ridess Castle without attracting suspicion she starts to unravel there is a deep wave of secrets and planning going on behind everything.

Meanwhile Kallon believes that it was his own fault that Sela was left at risk as a human. Not knowing how his distance is affecting not only Sela but Riza his wife. He figures that the only real way to remove the danger his family will be in is to once and for all find Fordon Blackclaw and end his existence especially now when there are rumours of sightings of Blackclaw in dragon lands. In Redheart, Blackclaw escaped eventual capture and it plagues Kallon and his family with him possibly plotting which he very much is in Sela. For the majority of Sela, Kallon along with Riza journey on a mission to discover Blackclaw's whereabouts.

Since this is a Leland Dragon series novel we get multiple perspectives from some of the main characters in every given novel. In this one we get quite a few differing point of views that Jackie blended in Sela perfectly to keep a compelling story: Sela's which was a new character outlook , Kallon's , Riza's, Jastin's , Orman's , Drell's who we get to read into as being the son of Vaya Brownwing and Fordon Blackclaw who you would really get to see farther into in this book, Bannon's who is a young man that for some reason Sela seems to run into a lot , even Vorham's and Lacy Phelcher's point of view who actually featured in the first book, Redheart. She and Jastin seem to be up to their old , well , bickering and picking at each other which if you read is hilarious. For Jastin though in this novel its a real turning point since he finally comes face-to-face with all that anger he has had toward dragons for many years. Becomes something emotional and for readers who loved Redheart its something you wont want to miss in reading. All the new characters were interesting to get to know and again in this book we get this olden feel to the storytelling. The olden feel which you do want since its so Fantasy. In Sela, its an end of an era and a beginning of a new one for humans as well as dragons.

For a fan of this series Sela is not just an amazing novel its a continuation of a a fascinating young adult fantasy series that can also be for adults. Very recommended if for whatever reason you haven't reached it.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

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