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The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
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Aug 22, 08

Read in August, 2008

This book kinda bored me. It was not so much a novel as a really long story analysis. "Sabina's bowler hat represents . . ." and "Tomas moved back to Prague because . . ." and even "this passage was inspired by Descartes' assertion that . . ." I've written papers exactly like this; if you ever wanted to know what English majors do all day, this is it.
Every time the story starts to move or the characters start to get interesting, Kundera stops and describes their motivations in minute detail. Which, if you've never really thought about the tangled web of motives and associations that motivate our behavior, could be fascinating. But I can supply that speculation on my own if you'd stop dragging me out of the story every two pages.
But there are some interesting bits about Czechoslovakia under Soviet rule in there. And even though most of the philosophizing is unimpressive, there were a couple of intriguing bits. And the writing style is pretty clear and simple, so it's not a painful read.
I wouldn't recommend this for people who don't like reading sex scenes, though. Most of the sex in this book isn't very graphic, but there's a lot of it.

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