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Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis
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Jul 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Recommended for: YA Fantasy fans, Significance series fans
Read on July 21, 2012

Quinn Loftis, you gifted, comedic, twisted story-teller you, I am once again thoroughly impressed!! I picked up Blood Rites after devouring every page of Prince of Wolves (which is still making my heart race). That marked day two of my eyes being plastered to my iPad due to lack of willpower to tear myself away from this awesome series!

Blood Rites picks up right where PoW left off, with Jacque and Fane enjoying the excitement of their impending bonding ceremony. But little do they know, there is another threat to their happiness, and this time it won't come down to a single fight to the death for Jacque's heart. When a terrifying car accident leaves Jen and Jacque in the hospital in serious condition, everyone is on edge. To top it off, Jacque's father has learned of her existence and is questioning her safety with the Romanian wolves. But when everyone is busy pointing fingers, no one is watching the one wolf that lurks in the shadows, making his plan that much easier to carry out. With Jacque in grave condition and in the hands of an angry wolf determined to make her his mate, the clock is ticking as Fane's heart is torn in two. He, the pack, and Jacque's friends and family have to work together to get to her in time, hopefully without killing each other in the process.

I was so excited to see where Loftis would take Jacque and Fane's story, I was anxious for their HEA that they so deserved but clearly they had more of their adventure to get through first. When Jacque's father, Dillon was introduced, I was torn between my curiosity and my anger over his lack of respect for Fane and his pack. I just wanted to slap him when he started throwing his weight around!! It was definitely a love-hate relationship with this guy, because you could see he truly cared for Jacque and wanted to be in her life, but he had a very warped opinion on the right way to do it. He was a great character, though, it added depth to Jacque's past and I ended up liking her mom a lot more after seeing firsthand how hard Dillon's leaving was on her.

When the antagonist is introduced, in no way whatsoever was I prepared for just how bad this guy was going to be. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, oh how I loathe you!!! Lonely old werewolf or not, the things he puts Fane and Jacque through, the torture he causes them both, made me sick to the core. When Fane felt Jacque's pain through their bond and he was so utterly crushed, my heart just shattered to pieces for him!! I was in tears on more than one occasion reading about the pain they both had to endure, Loftis put so much heartbreaking emotion behind it. Lucas deserved the most brutal of endings after what he did to Jacque, but she was so strong and brave through it all. I loved her even more after seeing her face all of this pain and anguish. The fact that she felt the need to do it alone because she thought Fane wouldn't want her if he sensed what was happening, it just made the whole situation that much more crushing. If there were a vote for "bravest book heroines", Jacque would definitely get mine after what she goes through for Fane in this book!! The bond they share and the love they have for each other was so strong and unbreakable, and I was so impressed with what a beautiful love story theirs turned out to be.

Once again, and actually even more so than in PoW, Loftis adds her clever and quick-witted humor that had me busting out laughing left and right. Honestly, I don't know how she comes up with this stuff, but the characters Loftis created with Jen and Sally are downright hysterical!!! There were so many lines and scenes that had me cracking up, they truly do make this story enjoyable on a whole other level. These two, and even Jacque at times, are like a comedy act unfolding before your eyes. I can promise you that you will never hear the songs "Sweet Virginia" or Katy Perry's "ET" without thinking of these characters and LOL!!! Then there's the flirty banter between Decebel and Jen, which was so hilariously adorable; they are so stinkin' cute together!! And the tension between them is off the charts even in the midst of all the comedy they bring to the story! *swoons*

I was blissfully happy with the way Blood Rites wrapped up (OH MY, talk about going out with a bang!!), Loftis gives us just what we wanted for these beloved characters while keeping us on the hook for the next book!! I am SO excited to see Jen and Dec's story next, I'm definitely diving into Just One Drop right away!! Highly recommend this series to YA fantasy fans!!!
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100.0% "Once again, awesome job Quinn!! Heartbreaking, sexy, thrilling, and without a doubt some of the funniest scenes I've ever read! Never again will I be able to hear the song "Meet Virginia" without busting out laughing!! LMAO"

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Erin God, I know, I can't believe I've been missing out on this one!! Loftis is amazing, I'm officially a huge fan of hers! I have 2 reviews to write but I'm so itching to get back into this book....grrrr. LOL

Amina LOL LOL LOL same here! I love her story, gosh I <3 her so for creating this!! Oh I know the feeling. I think I gave into the temptation tho. I never wrote the reviews for this series. I really should...

But anywhoo, Jacques story was amazing and Fane is unbelievably sexy BUT WAIT TILL YOU GET TO JENS STORY! O_O

So. Good.

Erin I know, I can't wait, she is absolutely cracking me up!! I want to write the review for this now but I know I'm just going to sound like a gushing idiot. LOL

Amina Right? She is hilarious! They all are! And LOL don't worry, it is totally understandable!

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Jody oh so this is the second book to prince of wolves. I need to read that.

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