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Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow
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Sep 27, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: pretty-covers, urban-fantasy, unfinished, fantasy
Read in September, 2008 , read count: 1/2

So, I picked up this book at Borders because I needed a book to buy so that I didn't have some retarded amount left on a gift card. And the cover looked cool.

I stopped about halfway through, at the part where Jill pisses off the head dude of New York or something like that. The storyline just didn't hold any interest for me whatsoever. Jill was kind of a bland character for a female who kicks some serious underworld ass.

Meh. Maybe I'll pick it up later when I don't have a book to read. For now, it's unfinished.

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Chris How does this review help the next reader? Giving it a 1 star in my mind would have done the trick for explaining that you do not like this book. Except that you haven't finished it, so rating it with-out fully reading it and getting the full story seems to be a little premature.

Ashley I am sorry that my rating system does not meet your requirements...

In the past I have rated a book two stars without finishing it because I felt the book was well written, but the subject matter was not to my liking. Here, the one star means that I really, really disliked this book. The review was written to give the point at which I stopped reading and the reasons why I ended up putting the book down.

message 3: by Chris (last edited Dec 01, 2008 04:04PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Chris Hey I understand that. I guess that what I am saying is what about your critic allows someone who is reading it a chance to understand why it was a crappy book to you. What about the story line?? What about the character? What could have been done better. Believe it or not many authors use Goodreads to see what the readers are saying. I know there will be more books about this character. Maybe you comments will spark something in the writer.

I personally found the character conflict of being a "hardass" to be annoying. More the street tough that doesn't really have the power to back it up. Most people that are deadly don't have an attitude. They know they are deadly and so do others. I found that the attempt to add a moral struggle into the book weak. Jill did things for the reason of being a hooker and being abused. That didn't really play into her being a badass.

As for the story, I agree with you, not the strongest. I would put this into my read if you have nothing else to read OR you are a die hard Urban Fantasy reader.
This is what I mean by giving substance to what you say in a review. Give me a reason to stay away from this book. Offer a reason why the book didn't do it for you.
Hey nothing personal I just believe that if you going to have a voice, it should be one that doesn't just trash something but backs up the reason why it was bad.

Good luck reading and I enjoyed communicating with you.

Ashley I do understand your point - I realize my reviews probably leave a lot to be desired. Personally, though, Goodreads is more of a personal aggregate for what I've read in the past - and my Critical Analysis hat is generally left at the door when reading for pleasure.

But I appreciate your constructive criticism!

Rebecca I totally agree with your review, and this is one of the few books I've started that I finally gave up reading about 3/4th through and skimmed to the end. It isn't a good book, and it doesn't hold your interest and you stop reading it, your review to that effect says something important about it.

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