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American Gods by Neil Gaiman
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May 26, 2012

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Most of Neil Gaiman's books have one thing in common: Reluctant Protagonist.
..or in the extreme sense: 'from zero to hero'.
Richard Mayhew in Neverwhere, Fat Charlie in Anansi Boys, Joey in Interworld..

So when I started to read American Gods, I wasn't really surprised to find the same old pattern. The quite-ordinary guy, Shadow, somehow trapped in the middle of quite-extraordinary issues, the battle that isn't his to fight, in this case, the old and the new gods'.

But something is different from this Shadow person.
He's not really reluctant.
In fact, he's not anything. He didn't protest like Fat Charlie, he didn't try to run like Richard Mayhew, he just sort of like..deal with it.
For an ordinary guy, his reaction is far too composed.
A weird guy with a glass eye that knows all about Shadow and out of the blue offering him a job, he took it. Bunch of even weirder guys call themselves GODS, he just shrugged.
Dead wife visited at night, he barely surprised.

...Shadow isn't just 'deal with it'.
Shadow is numb.

To be honest, in the first third part of the book, his numbness feels nothing more than a bad writing. It's almost made me want to throw the book across the wall.
But after more than a third, his (too) easygoing vibe became the most important rig for the story. It made the reader able to see the story behind all the stories.
Like a perfect pinch of salt in the food.

Please mind my symbolism.

So in the end, I found many layers in American Gods. Of fantasy, of social problem, of culture problem, of irony.
and I'm sure I will find many more as I re-read it.
yep, this book is so good I can't even wait to read it again.
*that* good.

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