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Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey
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Mar 31, 12

Indie writing shines in Wool.

First off, don't bother buying Wool #1. Just buy Wool Omnibus and save a couple of bucks. You won't just read the first book, you'll be reading all of them.

Howey's writing is well polished and puts to sleep any notions that indie writers are all hacks. It's as well-edited as novels of similar genre found at brick and mortars stores.

All that said, I found the first three books the most intriguing. (I gave Wool #2 4-stars but, in retrospect, that story has stuck with me.) He bravely goes where Faulkner implored us to go and killed his darlings in heart-wrenching fashion as the story of where and why unfolds. Like many good writers, he put me in the ground and I felt the cold ring of the spiral steps and the dampness of the down deep and buzz of the monitors at the top.

I think that's why my interest fell off in #4 and #5. He stopped killing. While it quite satisfyingly resolves the loose ends of silos, I found myself speeding through the text to see where it went rather than savoring the slow creation of characters in #1 through #3.

Nonetheless, Wool is here to stay. I'm happy to say I read it before it became a blockbuster and Hugh Howey makes millions.

Well done, sir.
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Andrew Finazzo Nice review! A few thoughts, with heavy spoilers:

(view spoiler)

Tony Bertauski Andrew wrote: "Nice review! A few thoughts, with heavy spoilers:

[spoilers removed]"

Can't say you're wrong. Very logical approach to storytelling. I have an affinity for fearless writing and I think that's often captured by not holding protagonists sacred. That's why I was more drawn to the first three books. I once killed off every protagonist in a trilogy and it was written in first person! So far, everything I've written has at least one protagonist biting it. I love the unpredictability! (Maybe I'm getting predicable, but you don't know who going to get it).

Cass Nice review. All this talk of killing protagonists reminds me of "game of thrones".

Stacia (the 2010 club) I just read Wool 1 and am anxious to move on. I wish I didn't have other stuff to get to first.

Yzabel Ginsberg I got book 1 for free on Kindle, but yeah, I get your meaning—now that it isn't, might as well get the omnibus!

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