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Requiem by Lauren Oliver
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Okay, I will admit, I did not like Alex by the end of Pandamonium. And by the time that Requiem came out I eyed him like: "You better watch yourself mister."
But after finishing this I am happy with him. He has redeemed himself. Especailly "She deserved an angel, and I wanted to be that for her."
It was all that I needed from Alex. And now I can rest in peace that he cared. That he cared plenty.
Thanks Lauren for another beauty!

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EDIT (after finished reading):
Finishing this book is probably going to be the best part of my day, no, week. I loved this book.
Now I was not so hyped when I first started this, but by the end I was more than happy that everything happened.
One of the things for me was though if I'd like Alex by the time I was finished. By the end of Pandamonium I certainly WAS NOT. His last words drove me up a wall and I knew that I was going to have bias by the time the third book fell into my hands. I was right, but that didn't last too long. Thankfully. With that little excerpt of his past at the very end of the book, I got one of those lucky last editions or something that had his POV at the end there, and THANK GOD it did. I am happy with him now. He is forgiven. Ha.
Jullian I feel sorry for; I liked him a lot as a strong character. But he was replaced by Grace's time in the spotlight and I fell in love with Oliver all over again anyways.
Hana, oh Hana, you've got some explaining to do! You were really pulling at my soul there half way through, with the way that dispite everything that happened after the cure you still developed further than I thought. I am going to say that you are one of those girls that deserved every heartbreak that you got, but you are also one I hope to hug and push away the gravely after everything you've done, because you know what you did, and you've accepted it. Thank you Hana.
Lena, it was beautiful watching you grow from that girl that pushed hair to and from her eyes, and into the wild and strong character you are now. You are beautiful in the way you've grown. Thank you for letting me see what you see.

Pre reading talk:
***If you had not already read Pandemonium then you shouldn't be reading any of these remarks on the new book; get your butt to a library and read!*

I really freaking want to see what happens just seconds after the finish of Pandemonium. OH GOD, WHY STOP THERE!?!?!?!? "Don't believe her."
What?What?!What?!?!!??!?! Alex, NO, don't say that! I had such high hopes for you!!
But I think I hate him now after I saw that little thing he did; the whole fact that now we know that he didn't die, that he was at the crypts, and somehow escaped, and yes, I realize that the first thing you don't want to see when you get out of a place like that is your girl in another guy's arms, but COME ON! That doesn't mean that you should completely turn on her!
Anyway, rant over, I really want to see on how the situation between Alex, Julian, and Lena works out. As far as I can tell this is how each relationship works: Julian I just can't believe we have to wait till next year!
It can't come soon enough.
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03/18/2013 page 33
8.0% "I swear to god Alex, you almost don't deserve Lena."
03/18/2013 page 68
17.0% "OH MY GOSH HANA! Yes, YES!"
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37.0% "I am so happy about Grace and Hana!!"
03/20/2013 page 178
45.0% "man I love reading Lena's part but when it comes too Hana's you can almost feel her disconnection there I don't know if that's s really good thing or a really bad thing. But it sucks for Lena's group right now just so close but further than they ever guessed."
03/21/2013 page 243
62.0% "The hell just happened there!?"
03/21/2013 page 247
63.0% "oh my god don't tell me Coral is... Alex I swear to god you are on your way to an early grave with me here."
03/21/2013 page 293
74.0% "AHA!! So it comes full circle now, doesn't it? Brilliant Ms. Oliver."
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