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Batman by Lee Bermejo
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Mar 31, 2012

liked it
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Recommended for: Batman & Charles Dickens fans
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Terence Elizabeth wrote: "Is it Batman time travels to Victorian England? Or is it Batman does A Christmas Carol?"

The latter.

I liked it, though I wouldn't rave about it. Bats is Scrooge; the dead Robin is Marley; Catwoman is the ghost of Xmas past; Superman, Xmas present; The Joker, Xmas future. And there's a Bob Cratchit - an employee of Wayne Enterprises - & Tim, his impossibly sweet little son.

It's partly a response to Frank Miller's Dark Knight take on the Batman. He (Bats not Frank) was becoming too much the monster he was fighting and he needs to be reminded of his original mission.

Terence Elizabeth wrote: "I didn't read the comics so my version of Batman is still fixed with Michael Keaton - I know, I know - so I'm having trouble reconciling the idea of him being Scroogy."

Wow - Michael Keaton!

I don't slavishly follow the comics but even I know the new Batman is Christian Bale :-)

Terence Elizabeth wrote: "I know he is too but Michael stole my heart way back when. He'll always be Batman to me. I think it was the glasses."

Sort of like a Doctor Who type of thing? Your first Doctor is usually your favorite.

Unlike many (apparently), I've never had any problems with Keaton's Batman. Though Bale is good, Keaton may be on the top of my list too.

Terence Elizabeth wrote: "Adam West was my first Batman. I like Bale as Batman, too. I think he's done great in the new films, which I love. But he doesn't really have any vulnerability or, you know, emotions of any kind. S..."

Technically, West was my "first" Batman as well (and Caesar Romero was my "first" Joker) but I try to forget those dark days of my youth :-)

You might like Noel because Bermejo's point is that our Bats has become too much the Bale Batman - an emotionless engine of vengeance willing to sacrifice anyone - ANYONE!, including Tiny Tim, fer chrissake - in his quest. He needed to get back to being the Keaton Batman, someone who could fall in love with Catwoman (at least Michelle Pfeiffer's :-)

In the scene between him and Catwoman, she's playing it up like they're on a date but Batman is having none of it:

"You told Gordon you had information regarding the Joker... Where is he?!"

"Now that's more like it.

"Oh honey, how else am I gonna get you come out and play? A girl these days has to bend the truth a bit to get what she wants...especially when her man spends all his time thinking about...someone else."

The picture is a furious Batman standing there grinding his teeth while Catwoman is rubbing up against him in a tight leather outfit.

Terence Elizabeth wrote: "Maybe it's the influence of too many bodice rippers but any Batman who would stand there passionless with Catwoman (any but Hallie Barry) rubbing up against him is probably a zombie, not a human.


My point!

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