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Dying of the Light by George R.R. Martin
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Apr 18, 12

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Read from April 07 to 15, 2012

This is George RR Martin first novel and even early in his career, readers can see the world building and realistic character development of his future novels and series.

Dying of the Light is one of the many stories GRRM has written in his intricate futuristic universe. The whole story takes place on the dying planet of Worlon. The planet will shortly move out of its orbit and no longer be able to sustain life.

Dirk t'Larien received a whisperjewel from his former lover Gwen Delvano and keeping true to his promise he arrives to Worlon to find out what Gwen called him after seven years.Gwen is an ecologist studying the planet and the effects of the slow death of the planet. She is here with her betheyn Jaan Vikary and his teryn Garse Janacek, along with her friend Arkin Ruark.

Everyone is on the planet for their own motives and Dirk is caught in a deadly triangle with Jaan and Gwen. Everything is not as simple as it initial seems as there are other forces at work. A veil of secrecy with it hard to distinguish friends from enemies on a world with no rules, laws, or honor. The only code on the planet is those that each character brings with them.

There are many characters that has similar traits to other characters from Martin's other novels. Which leads me to believe that these characters could easily be based off of many real people from GRRM life. I could identify with the characters and can understand what the characters are going through. I believe anyone that has experienced the joys and sorrows of life can relate to GRRM novels.

The ending leads a bit of an opening and it can be viewed in many different ways. However, I feel the endings was a great ending for a story that takes place on a dying planet. The characters learn that some things just can't be fixed and are dead and they need to move on. That life is not what one dreams of and that life hardly ever goes the way we plan. That we must make do with what we have and continue to live.

I would recommend the book to any fans of GRRM other works. As well as fans of science fiction. Martin does a wonderful job with creating a world and the cultures of many different people on many different planets.

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