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Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll
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Apr 21, 2012

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Even though he is edgy and sometimes too over-the-top for me, I am always challenged to THINK BIBLICALLY by Mark Driscoll's sermons and books. I think Pastor Driscoll is raw and graphic because we live in a culture ravaged by pornographic blow back. When I was a kid I was mortified to be in the same room as Daddy when a Kotex commercial come on during The Donnie and Marie Show. . .it was just a gal in a white dress walking down the beach, but STILL. . . Now I cannot go to a mall without seeing naked homoerotica and pedophilia in the windows of Abercrombie and Fitch. When I was in junior high, it was juicy gossip if so and so was "going with" such and such. "Going with" meant they passed notes in the hall and maybe, if they were really racy, sat by eachother in the lunch room. I just heard on the radio the other day about a study in which a huge percentage of SIXTH GRADERS reported seeing live sex acts performed in school by their fellow students. So, some of the more frozen of the Frozen Chosen will be taken aback by Mark and Grace Driscoll's candor in this book, but we live in a dying world that could use a few zaps to the heart with Biblical resuscitation paddles!

This book will make you realize that your choices DO matter and REAL PAIN to REAl PEOPLE will last and last if you make immoral sexual decisions. The focus, however, is not on what NOT to do, but instead exposes a biblical view of sexuality. I especially loved the part in which Driscoll outlines that your standard of beauty is your spouse. Amen! The final section is a practical Q&A about what are and are not acceptable sexual practices for married, Christian couples. Essentially, Driscoll's perspective is: if the practice is lawful, beneficial and not enslaving then it is permissible. His views on the lawfulness of certain activities were eye opening.

I say that if I were Satan, I would really cheapen and pervert human sexuality because of all the forms of human touch, marital sexuality is the most precious because it illuminates Christ's relationship to the Church. How passionate is Christ for his Bride? Look to the Song of Solomon to find out. How satisfying and meaningful and important is the sexual relationship between husband and wife? No more so than Christ's interest in his people for whom He endured the cross. . . If you can make sexuality gross, or "icky," or disposable, or casual ("friends with benefits"), then you have just demeaned the love God has for us. If you were Satan, it wouldn't be a bad day's work to pull that off. Oh, wait. . .he HAS! I say we stick it to Screwtape and return to a Scriptural view of human sexuality.

So, I salute Mark and Grace Driscoll for writing this book. I can imagine they are taking a lot of flack from the more Victorian amongst the brethren, but I am sure they have done far more good than the feedback they receive will indicate.

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