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Carry the One by Carol Anshaw
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Apr 28, 12

bookshelves: fiction
Read from April 25 to 28, 2012

*Obviously I'm finding plenty of good phrases and descriptions in this book. The main problem, to me, is the characters. I just don't care about any of them.
“Carmen could see these women gathering, clutching their Instamatics, tears already pooling in the corners of their eyes, tourists on an emotional safari, eager to bag a bride” (7).
“The whole place smelled lie the inside of a very bad shoe, a shoe with a piece of cheese in it” (16).
“Alice said, 'There might be people, but they could just be cheese-seekers'” (26).
"She told her nobody wants her hair done by some broody, glowering vulture" (34). *So true!
“On the sidewalk directly below Alice's windows, there was a cart that sold sno-cones with breathtakingly lurid syrups” (45).
“It made him look maybe British, like someone who collected butterflies and had read all of Trollope” (55).
“Detox, then rehab, then retox, then back through the cycle again” (57).
“ 'How's that doing?' Meaning her toe, which still looked like a red lightbulb, but a smaller one of a lower wattage” (79).
“...which, from the cover, appeared to be about a man and a woman with matching long, wind-blown hair” (80).
“The suffering of mice had not entered his field of moral vision” (92).
“The social road ahead looked like a bleak highway, post-apocalyptic, overblown with dust, gray and lifeless except for mutants popping up here and there” (97). *Unfortunately, I can relate.
“She hoped this sounded like the truth, which it was, although more and more of what she said about her work sounded canned to her as it passed her lips, pre-formatted for the interview, or the short chat with the collector or gallery owner. When she had been painting in obscurity, she could just paint. Now she had to paint and articulate her process, her themes, her palette; be flattered by approval; try not to appear defensive n the presence of criticism. These were luxurious burdens, of course” (104).
“They also came in a variety of sizes, from cigarette-thin women to women larger than any Carmen had ever seen. Women who, naked, looked like giant soft-serve sculptures, their bodies great, graduated, overlapping fountains of flesh” (119).
“She had quite a bit of extra income. She'd bought another cat” (127).
“Nothing here signaled pride of ownership; this was not a place that would prompt a glance backward when leaving it behind” (129).
“The kid had mastered an absence of interest that was almost a vacuum. He pulled the door shut and disappeared back into the house. A click and the TV blasted back on” (130).
“A face forged in the fire of too much bad experience” (130).
“Heather sighed in a stagey way and stormed out. Storming was one of her main modes of transportation” (139).
“She got up and opened the kitchen door for Walter, who had been patiently waiting for her to reshuffle her worldview so he could go out and pee” (139).
"To understnad how things work,you had to follow the circuit all the way back--to who was getting something out of it. Follow the power or the money, or both" (147).
“From this neighborly impulse, Alice understood that Nina was a woman with large breasts” (156).
“Romance no longer looked like so much fun, more like a repetitive stress injury...” (166).“…who had all her ducks in order. As if there was any reliable way of ordering ducks” (188).
“Alice cut him yards of slack” (205).
“The hallway was painted a landlord odd-lot color, a syrupy blue-green Alice called Ukranian Maternity Hospital, 1952” (216).


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