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Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz
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Mar 31, 2012

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

I was a bit skeptical to see where Emma and Brendan end up in Book 2 since everything appeared mostly peachy keen at the end of Spellbound, but channeling the reliability of Kim Possible with a dash of charm from a naked mole-rat named Rufus, Cara Lynn Shultz has delivered an impressive sequel that is sure to delight readers.

{Different focus than Book 1} Spellbound had been all about the forbidden romance where Emma and Brendan had to figure out if they could be together. Once that drama was squared away, Cara Lynn Shultz was able to take Spellcaster in a new – and dare I say, BETTER – direction. With the romance angle dialed down to simmer, the heat gets cranked up for some delicious stew of trouble! Vengeance is the name of the game, and Emma and Brendan have to figure out who is out to take advantage of their true love.

{And the award for best lines goes to…} Seriously, it has been a while since I have encountered a book that makes me laugh out loud because the writing is just ridiculously fun. Despite the suspense and dark undertones of Spellbound, Cara Lynn Shultz somehow sneaks in some marshmallowy lines that I have to share with you, dear Readers, because they make the story all the more memorable.

(view spoiler)

{Predictable villain} If you like to be in utter suspense like an Agatha Christie mystery, then Spellcaster will not be to your liking. The villain was more or less obvious early on in the story, so while Emma and Brendan seemed surprised or obliviuos, I was already yelling at them. In a concerned citizen sort of way, of course. The more important thing, though, is that the ending was NOT predictable – Cara Lynn Shultz left enough room to bend the story to where she wanted it to go without choosing the obvious solution.

{One random change in POV} Angelique takes over one chapter of Spellcaster, and readers get a glimpse inside her head as she recounts what happened when Emma was incapacitated. Not a bad thing, and there is a fair warning that Angelique will be telling a story. Furthermore I cannot think of any other way to divulge said information than how Cara Lynn Shultz does it. Then again, after reading from Angelique’s POV, I almost expected her or Brendan to jump in on the first-person narrative a few more times during Spellcaster – but that does not happen.

While I may not remember the exact details of Spellbound, this was not terribly necessary to enjoy Spellcaster. Cara Lynn Shultz’s writing continues to sparkle in a most delightful manner, and she has definitely earned a spot on my permanent must-read list.

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