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Finding Jennifer by Dave Folsom
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: action
Read from April 12 to 15, 2012

I received Finding Jennifer by Dave Folsom through the Goodreads Giveaway contest.

Charlie Draper was enjoying his morning coffee when his phone rang. Molly Sorenson County Sheriff would change the course of events of his day, as Jennifer Hollings would no longer be some unknown missing person that would be forgotten and no longer a stranger to him. Asking for his help to search for her, Charlie is a pilot, ex-police officer and trained in this field. Agreeing,Charlie enlists the help of his friend William Alan DeCollado. DeCollado is half white and half Apache Indian and the only person that could help him find her. Making the deal with her mother and explaining the terms they go in search of the missing young girl.

Jennifer is surrounded in sheer darkness, awake in this vast vent or tunnel and trying to regain some memory of what happened. Fear was her initial reaction as she realized her body was not responding to her touch and parts of her tingled or felt numb. Hoping this was a terrible dream or nightmare she relaxed her breathing and began assessing her options and her next move. Finding her backpack, able to get the water body to become hydrated and some of the food she packed her next step was to climb out of the vent and get some help. Head aching, pain in the side this determined young woman would not give up on herself and she succeeded. But, she was far from out of danger and Charlie and William had yet to find her,and hopefully alive.

Author Dave Folsom takes the reader on a scenic journey up in the mountains overlooking the desert as we join in the search for the missing girl. Drugs are prevalent in Mexico and the border is right smack dab where she was as she crosses it in while wandering the desert. Head pounding, this young girl tries to find her way to safety.

Next we meet Gabriella found by the two men before she can be sold to men who would pay for her services. With her help they are able to convince Jennifer to come out of hiding as these men wanted to sell her as Gabriella was to be sold to a madam. Planning their escape and the route depended on whether Bill could land the helicopter and Jennifer could make the climb in her poor condition. But, Bill leaves to get the helicopter, gets stopped by Border Patrol, reprimanded and told to alert them the next time he needs to be near the border and has no idea that the agent is contemplating reporting their encounter to his supervisor. As they get Jennifer to the hospital and fill in her mother one problem is temporarily averted as another comes to light. What are they going to do with Gabriella and who will avenge what happened to both girls as Draper decides to take on the cartel.This is where the book took take on the Cartel.

The characters in this book are strong, well defined and each creates their own special flair in the plot. A fast read and a great read. Finding Jennifer is more than just finding a young girl in trouble it is about finding help for the innocent and the helpless in a world that is filled with corruption, murder, drug cartels and prostitution.

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