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Cat Paradise 2 by Yuji Iwahara
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Mar 31, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Stuff I Read – Cat Paradise Vol 2

The second volume of the manga starts off with a bit of a muddled note as the main cat is refusing to change back into his cat form. Which leaves everyone a bit miffed and leads to him running off to try and become stronger. He is, of course, upset that he was shown up at the end of the previous volume, which is a bit understandable but still rather annoying. Like I’ve said, the main cat is the kind of jerk “has to be the strongest” type and that is his goal. It is the same goal and same personality as a dozen other anime and manga characters, and really doesn’t do that much for me. I mean, it’s not bad, but I would prefer it if the manga didn’t have to quite resort to adapting so faithfully the fighting genre to cats. At least it would make for a more pleasant main cat character. But that really isn’t all that much of the volume. The real point of the volume is to introduce some more villains and to show what a couple more of the cat trainers can do.

The villains are, at least, rather interesting, and show a fair range of appearances. They have all taken the guise of students, possessing them or something like that, and are definitely up to no good. The main villain in this volume is Rachi, a spider demon who cannot contain her hunger. She begins eating cats, which leads the main character to go in search of one particular cat. It is nice to see the main girl character interact with a cat that isn’t her own, and it changes things a bit. The manga really gets going, though, when Rachi attacks when only one trainer is present with his cat. The smallest boy and the pervert of this manga, he proves to have an interesting power but not really that great of a personality. I mean it is different that he isn’t the weirdest looking person around, but he is definitely the Brock of this manga series, and really that’s about all there is to him. His cat is much more interesting, and has powers over space and time as long as he is sleeping, pulling the real world into a dream he controls.

There is a fair amount of humor, though, and even with some of the darker moments of this volume, it is still rather cute. But maybe that is just the cats. Regardless, the series is moving, which I appreciate. Most of the movement, though, is only in regards to battles, to powers being seen and demons being destroyed. There are still two trainers that really haven’t been introduced yet, but the volume focuses more on the pervert. It is the formula of the fighting anime or manga, that the powers have to be revealed by one-on-one battles that spread the exposition and back stories over time. Which is fine. But I have to ask, because I did this with Chi’s Sweet Home, how the second volume grows the characters as well. And I have to say, it doesn’t do much. Really the main girl character is the one that seems to go through the most, and seems to be coming more to terms with being stuck in this struggle, in this horrible situation. But other than that the characters don’t really change at all, so for that it doesn’t do much.

But I give this manga a bit more of a pass, as I can forgive Chi’s Sweet Home a little more, because neither are really meant to be cerebral or allegorical. They are what they are. Chi ‘s Sweet Home is a comedy and Cat Paradise is a fighting manga. As a fighting manga it is hitting all of the cues, and leaving the reader wanting more. It is well drawn and the characters are still interesting even if they haven’t changed much. The story is progressing, and while it might be in that fighting manga way of “it will probably be very similar until all the underlings are defeated”, I can accept that, and like that. It is still fun and funny and I still want to read more. So I give this volume a 7/10.

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