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A Marked Past by Leslie Deaton
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Apr 04, 12

bookshelves: young-adult, paranormal, magic
Read from March 31 to April 02, 2012

When I saw the font for the title, I immediately knew this book wasn't going to be that much of an enjoyment to me. But I had to read it because I was committed to it. So here goes my review:

First off, I'd like to say this book was not completely bad, hence i did not rated it a one. It is more like a 1.5, but since goodreads doesn't support that, I rounded up.

I kinda have a problem with books dealing with witchcraft and magic, especially wiccans, circles, potions and whatnot. I am kinda into the Harry Potter magic stuff, with flying brooms and magic wands. I did not feel attracted by the premise of this book. These witches did not seem witches to me, just teenagers who are tampering with potions and part of a coven. There were some inconsistencies with the story and at some points it did not seem real or believable.

I was annoyed by the entire portion of the Salem Witch trials Deaton incorporated in her story. For me, the true nature of the witch trials lies with "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. Hands down to the playwright. Anyway. I thought it was a bit odd that Deaton did not exposed a lot about Samuel Parris, even though he is the bad guy and wants all the witches dead. I did not understand why it took him so long to kill off the witches? And if Lyla and the Coven already suspected of him, why not finish him before rather than let the book drag on and on with endless descriptions that work as filler?

A quarter through the book and I was already losing my interest. The dullness of the characters are not helping a lot to keep my attention focused either. The only character that I found I liked was Hana, and that might be because she did tried to be the center of attention to the readers, like Lyla tried to be.

Oh, Lyla was another big problem I had. In the beginning, her coldness betrayed her loving personality at the end of the book. Her father died and she says she has to be strong, she doesn't even cry! What the hell! She claims to love her father and yet, I doubt she shed a tear. I was hoping for a more deranged reaction, not a perfectly calmed one. She didn't rebelled that much when her mother decided to move to Salem either.

Ugh. Nathan was another major problem I had. He seemed to unreal, so painfully paternal that his attitude and personality seemed fake. And what's up with Lyla and Caleb's relationship? They've known each other for what, a week? and they are pouring love unto each other and kissing and everything and it's just so dysfunctional.

Caleb was a weak character, I know nothing about him other than he is perfect, has good grades, and wants to be an architect. I was hoping he ended up with Hana because there was more chemistry between them. Lyla was spoiled, self-absorbed, and extremely superficial. One of the many reasons i did not find her very likable. I could not connect with her. Sage and Hana are definitely great characters in this book. Too bad I did not read a lot about them, and what I read was overshadowed by Lyla's character. Why is she so powerful, yet so useless?

Anyway! Wiccans, not something I enjoy. I was hoping the witches, wizards or whatever were stronger and a more enjoyable fight would be produced. But none of that happened sadly.

The problem with the book is that it's unnecessarily long. It just went endlessly on with descriptions and dialogues that seemed out of place and worthless. I was turning the page and a chapter felt like forever to finish.

The premise of this book was not bad. However, it could have been worked better.

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