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The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
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My reaction to reading the summary of this book.

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My reaction to finishing this novel.

First and foremost, Alenna needs to set her priorities straight.

One moment, she's saying that she won't fall in love with hot boy Liam and focus on surviving, then the next moment, she's drooling over him, and his muscles. No, just no. And another thing that further fueled the fuel with this book was the instant love. I swear on the third meeting between these boring characters they both fall in love.

The heck!

I was literally shouting at the book at this point. Finding a guy attractive then kissing him isn't falling in love. And the whole love triangle thing with Gadya was pointless and frankly, stupid.

You're stranded on a island with enemies everywhere, and you're fighting over a stupid boy. You must have a small brain because you're stuck on a fucking deserted island with no food or water, and anyone at anytime could come and kill you. But no, Liam was just too hot to resist.

Alenna, definitely had her priorities fucked up.

And Gadya had so much potential as well, but instead, the author doesn't know what to do with her so she makes her into two characters: the jealous ex-girlfriend who hates Alenna, and the brave, strong warrior hunter. And even then, Gadya couldn't even make up her own mind, which left her with two vastly different personalities.

I'll give an example:

"Alenna, I'll help and teach how to hunt." [Gadya smiles, and holds her hand.]

[Liam walks by, and smiles at Alenna. Alenna, in return, blushes.]

"Alenna, you bitch, don't look at him! You're stupid, ugly, and weak!"

[Liam leaves. Alenna and Gadya are alone.]

"I'm sorry, I'm over him now. Let's be friends again, okay?"

[Liam comes back. Both lovers lock eyes.]

"You bitch!"

There was even a time where I wished I was in the book, so I could go in and slap Gadya silly over and over again. It was annoying watching this go on back and forth.

Alenna, on the other hand wasn't any better either. She was boring, and somehow all the boys wanted her. Even from a mile away, I could tell that she was a Mary-sue. She was also very pretty. I'm not against the main character being beautiful, I really am not, but when that's all the main character really offers in the story, I get mad. From the start, Alenna is perceived as this timid girl and orphan, but the second, she enters the island, she turns pretty and everyone for some unknown reasons want it.

Everyone mentions it, and I got tired of it fast.

Another thing, in the beginning I was reminded of Divergent. With the whole test thing. All I kept thinking was Divergent. And I can tell you that Divergent was a lot better than this.

The only thing I remotely liked was The Monk's real identity twist, and David. Everything else was generic, and the whole love thing should have been cut off completely. The only reason I gave this book two stars was because of that, the idea and the cover. The cover was beautiful. It was what attracted me in the first place.

I was deceived. Then again, I should've known when I read all the bad reviews. But I didn't want to believe it. Even with this awesome idea, the author couldn't save this book. And finally, the writing was not good. And sheesh, Alenna was so slow. I could see something a mile away, and five pages later she's barely thinking it.

I got so frustrated.

But alas, an awesome idea, one huge twist, and one complex character can't save this book from its doom. And it's sad really, I had so much hope.
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Lalaine *myficbookreviews* hahahha i fucking love this gif! its makes me want to read this book more.

message 2: by Veronika (new) - added it

Veronika the trailer for the book makes me want to read this book even more!

message 3: by Annie (new) - added it

Annie OHHH MY GOODNESS! Veronika, I completely agree. That was amazing.

message 4: by Nobonita (new) - added it

Nobonita Isn't that guy Nigahiga?

message 5: by Veronika (new) - added it

Veronika Nobonita wrote: "Isn't that guy Nigahiga?"

yup! he's hilarious!!!

message 6: by Nobonita (new) - added it

Nobonita Veronika wrote: "Nobonita wrote: "Isn't that guy Nigahiga?"

yup! he's hilarious!!!"

I totally loved his "The Daily Life of Rustin Heiber" video! XD

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Aha gotta love nigahiga XD

Guadalupe Yup, he's awesome.

Idris You summed up my thoughts pretty well. The cover is gorgeous, David was cool, I and I found the Monk's reveal intriguing though I figured it out before it even became an issue in the book.

Andie I'm currently reading this and my thoughts are echoing your review almost exactly. blah, what a let down

Olive Yes. everything you said, yes.

Alexandria I completely agree!

message 13: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey Here's the thing about her. Her hormones sometimes she has to focus and succeeds but other times. No. So yea..

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