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Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk
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Mar 30, 12

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If there was a book to be termed indulgent, this would probably be it. A super special heroine? Check. Who so happens to be good-looking (and a red head with a fiery temper)? Check. Who everyone wants a piece of (in different ways)? Check. A group of swoon worthy guys? Check. A group of swoon worthy guys who all (except one, and seriously, out of a group of six guys, that's pretty good) seem to love the heroine? Check.

Aurora has just moved with her family to a new town. She's less concerned about being the new girl and more about the slobbering demons that stalk her. Unfortunately she can't do much more than try to run, until she smacks straight into a few boys with special powers and secrets they're wading knee deep in. Then again, Aurora has a few secrets of her own, and trust is a precious commodity. Aurora struggles with obtaining answers, the demons trying to kill her, and not to mention an sharp tension between her and one of the guys.

There are cliches. There are massive, massive cliches. And yet, I still liked the book. It was funny and tongue-in-cheek at parts, and even though Aurora can't seem to do much, she's not helpless. And yes, okay, she's super klutzy, which is its own special cliche, but it's kind of funny and when it really counts she pulls through. She's not stupid, she has her own priorities, and it just makes me smile at the fact that she and her family are so close and so obviously love and care for one another.

Which, yeah, I'm a sucker for.

The book doesn't take itself too seriously. Aurora should probably be a gibbering wreck by now, but she's still holding strong and hanging in there. She's not afraid to run away (especially when she knows that there's nothing she can do), and she's not afraid to step up when she needs to. She's a solid main character who's quick on her feet and reading her one-upping the boys never fails to make me chuckle.

Should you give the book a try? Sure, why not. Just don't take anything too seriously. There's also the little problem of keeping characters straight, especially in the beginning. There's a lot of boys running around and it's easy to get them jumbled up, but each one has their own personality (some more unbelievable than others), which makes it easier for you to distinguish between them. The plot is nothing special, but if you're a sucker for super special girls (which apparently I am, oh well), who try their damndest to protect their family, then you might want to read this book. If you hate cliches, if you want something serious, if you want an original plot--then no, I wouldn't read this.

But hey, give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised. 4 stars.
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