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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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May 13, 12

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Read in May, 2012

So... yeah, I read this. Like in two days.

The writing is mostly terrible and mind numbingly repetitive (yes, she refers to her laptop as a mean machine a million times, and often Christian's pants are hanging off his hips in "that way" every two pages), with a Scripps Spelling Bee word thrown in every other paragraph...

And I can totally see how this was previously a Twilight fan fic.

That said, the sex, whilst fairly kinky, isn't as... um, debased, as I thought it'd be.

This may come as a surprise that I wasn't that shocked, because I don't read erotica and even in my romance book days I stuck to historical romance that usually was pretty light on the actual sex scenes. But I did read the first book, and about half of the second, in the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice. Maybe because I was much younger, or maybe because it is more shocking, I didn't think Fifty Shades of Grey was as all out kinky as I was expecting.

There's a quote, and I can't remember by whom, about how using a feather is erotic, using the whole damn chicken is kinky. And while this book does delve into the kinky at times, it mostly sticks with the erotic.

There is lots, and lots, and lots of sex in this book. Like seriously, I got tired just reading it sometimes. And I was shocked how little time passes in the first two books (I'm taking a break from the series while I read a few books that I have to get to this week) because these books are freaking long, and they have so much sex that it feels like months have gone by, but nope, it's only been two days.

I feel sad for Ana's vajayjay, how has it not fallen out yet? I feel like it maybe

This could be because I'm all old (turning 35 this month) and married, and we don't have a Red Room of Pain.

Although, the Hubs did gift me these books as an early birthday present, so maybe I should be a bit concerned about his renovation plans for the shed out back?

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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie O'neil hahahahaha. I can't wait for you to review this.

Kate lol, I downloaded a sample to my kindle, so we'll see if that makes me buy the whole book.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy This is the one adapted from Twilight fanfic, right? I've not heard great things...

Kate Amy, it's supposed to kind of... erotica? Which isn't a genre I normally read, but the author is British! XD Plus it made the cover of Entertainment Weekly, so that's pretty cool for a non-movie book to get some attention. Don't know if I'll read it, but I'll at least read the free sample.

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