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Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen
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Mar 30, 2012

really liked it
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Read in March, 2012

I liked this book a lot. I was reading some of the other reviews and some of the two star say "controversial" and "liberal" and "conservative bashing", and that he only went through 12 history books. Give me a break, history in school was boring. They all said the same things, and yes they all were very Euro/ethno-centric. I discovered that when I took the History of Women in America for my College class. By what you learn in grade school you would think that the only creatures on Earth that had brains at all were European/WHITE/males and that what we did for America and ourselves was wonderful.

I thought this was a fabulous book. We didn't discover America, we invaded and conquered. There was a large existing "civilization", they were fighting for survival, but were labeled as the savages because they were different. There are so many people who should be mentioned in history for what they did. He mentions Helen Keller because she didn't want to be remembered as the blind girl who learned to communicate with the help of her teacher, but as a woman, realizing she came from a family of means, was a socialist fighting for those who didn't have the same opportunities that she did. Fighting for equality while President Wilson was wanting segregation. They were just two people, with different beliefs, heroised for things they did not stand for in the long run. This is what the book is about - the slight distortions, and the omission's that make our texts, ethno-centric "feel-good" rote memory texts. When the truest history can't be known unless the person in question journaled and wrote a lot of letters.

Also he mention's that the Arabs, and Afro-Phonecians (sic?) were highly skilled navigators and there are records of cross Atlantic travel in the years BC. I do wish that was general knowledge. I just saw some ugly remarks on a forum somewhere by some idiot about how he was here first, they hauled the other guy over in a boat. Dumb***, RIIIGHT and how many centuries old are you????. Snork, I just thought it had some great points, like while Caucasoid inhabit the east, the Hispanics are on the west coast creating the cowboy culture basically, but that's not in there either, South America, Mexico and California just magically populated with that mix. I thought he just brought up our pointedly purposeful ignorance, which I still seem to see a lot of today. I thought it was great, made be want to read more, because that may explain a lot about some of the pyramid similarities etc. This book was just about the good ol' US of A, but it actually got more than a few gears churning.

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