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Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott
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Jul 13, 2007

really liked it

A quietly whacky, thoroughly odd book that's two parts geometry, two parts satire/social commentary, and one part story. It's a what-if story, a kind of proto hard science fiction, that details the lives and customs of a group of two dimensional figures wherein middle class pentagons try to make matches that will produce children with more sides and less acute angels, women are lines and almost wholly the chattel of their husbands (though chattel that must be appeased as they can kill with a touch on their "sharp" ends), and the ruling circle elite attempts to suppress heretical stories of the third dimension. I enjoyed reading it although I wouldn't have called it a relaxing read. Strangely, it was apparently often thought of as being misogynist although I interpreted misogyny as one of the many social prejudices that the book seemed to question.
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