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My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade
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May 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 25 to May 03, 2012

You know that book you fall in love with and don’t want it to end, each page should NOT bring you closer to the ending and even though you have a dozen other books demanding a review, you keep dragging your feet on finishing this one, because you just don’t want it to end? That is more than just a long run-on sentence; THAT is my unadulterated emotion about “My Stubborn Heart.” I flat. Out. Loved. It.

Fitting into this novel was like stepping into a Cinderella fairy tale…and the glass slipper didn’t pinch a bit. What reader wouldn’t adore Kate? She’s tiny, but mighty, with a sense of humor and a persistence that grates on Matt, but boy did I love her! She is a simply endearing heroine.

Ladies, be still your beating heart, because Matt is the perfect, tall, dark and brooding hero we all seem to gravitate to in fiction. Why the tortured ones anyway?? Matt has got SO many dimensions to him. Not just a world-class athlete, he’s gentle, sweet and loving. I loved watching his faith transform him.

What else? Hmm, humor. STELLAR writing quality. Vivid emotions and descriptions. I wanted the book to go on and on and on…

I will admit to being disappointed in a couple crass word choices. Not something I was expecting and it cringed my heart.

Overall, five star read! Emotionally evocative in SO many ways. And yes, all caps just isn’t good enough this time around. Totally awesome. Sigh.

This review is my honest opinion (I mean come on, why ELSE would I use so many words or ALL CAPS???). Thanks to the publishers and Litfuse for my copy to review.
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message 1: by Jen (new) - added it

Jen This one looks good.

Casey I agree! I can't wait to get it. :))

Rachel Brand I have this! Looking forward to reading it in April :) I don't read enough contemporary romance so I'm branching out!

Casey I'll be excited to hear your thoughts!

Rachel Brand Casey, I've just started this book and I'm loving it! You've got to make sure you read this one, I think you'll like the main character. She's adorable! Such a hoot. :)

Casey It's coming for review and it looked great, but now you've got me really excited. It looks like a winner! :-)

Katy Lee It was, for sure!

Casey I've loving everything about it so far!

Rachel Brand You know what? Now that you mention the word choice thing, I do remember a few moments where I was like "Wait, what? Isn't this a Christian novel." I may occasionally let the C word slip out every now and then if I'm annoyed, but I would never put it into my writing.

Casey THAT wasn't even the word that made my eyeballs pop. I'm seeing the C word cropping up more and more in CF.

Rachel Brand Really? Wow, I'm wondering what I've forgotten now. I'm quite surprised about the C word. I know that I use it more than I should, but when it comes to someone like my mum, who is in the typical demographic for CF readers, that word is totally forbidden. "Darn" was the worst thing you could say in our house growing up. That's a real pity.

I did wonder if Kate's comments about her concerns over her lack of chest might shock some people, since she talked quite openly about her "boobs" and didn't hide her thoughts, but it did make me laugh. I had similar anxieties when I was teenager. And now I have more curves than I know what to do with!

Casey That really didn't bother me. I read a book about breast cancer recently and they mentioned "boobs" a lot. And yeah, it was funny. ;-) "piss" was the one that I was like WOAH, where did THAT come from?? Which is sad, because it's unnecessary. It might make sense for the character to think or even say that in that point of his journey, but not necessary to use it. I was surprised more with the publisher let it past their editors.

Rachel Brand Yeah, you're right, that is an iffy word. I remember that now. Maybe it depends on the culture, but I think I'd probably consider that a crass word. I mean, I wouldn't say it to my mum, thus I wouldn't write it in a book.

Casey Which is interesting, I consider it very crass bordering on swearing and I read it SO rarely in fiction it really shoked me. I'm very conservative as well, so to me, it's disappointing to see a strong Christian publisher allowing that word into their novels.

Rachel Brand Definitely bordering on swearing. I've read some blog posts from "edgy" Christian authors recently, arguing why swearing should be allowed in Christian books because it's realistic, etc. I just don't buy it. It's letting down our standards. You can convey something without saying it.

Casey That is exactly what I think. I think in letting crass language slip into a novel is a lowering of the standards we as Christian should be setting. We don't need to say the words to relate to the "real world". Our writing should be stronger than that.

Cathy Daniel I agree with all of the comments. That's what made me hesitate and put the book back on the shelf but it still sounds very enjoyable and great review. I'll give it a try ..

Casey Cathy, very few books do I want to NEVER end and this was one of them. It has a powerful story line and such great characters. Even for the little bit of slang language, I would HIGHLY recommend this book.

Rachel Brand I second Casey's comment, definitely worth the read if you can get past the language :)

Cathy Daniel Thanks! I have it, think I'll read it next :)

Casey Enjoy!!

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

read the book, it is exceptional, and can't believe all the comments over 1 word. these ate real people once you start reading, and i never noticed that word at all, and i don't use the word. it is just so good, i couldn't quit reading. hope for many more from this author.

Casey It is so good! I want to think I heard she has another title in 2013, here's to it being true!! :D

Cathy Daniel Can you believe I'm finally reading this book? Lol. Love it so far! Started with her newest and loved that!!

Casey You HAVEN'T?? You are in for a TREAT, this book is so, so, so good!!!

Cathy Daniel Yes and really hoping work is slow today ;) can you recommend any similar authors?

Casey This was one book I literally did not want to finish. I kept wanting to tack on another hundred pages. :)

have you read Katie Ganshert? Denise Hunter. Meg Moseley (she is more contemp women's fiction though). Beth Vogt.

Cathy Daniel I just got Beth Vogt (was blown away by the reviews!!) Denise Hunter scares me lol :( some reviews make me think she pushes the line? I'll go by what you think. I read too much!! I need to slow down :) I'll check out the others. Thank you so much! Rachel Hauck I love too. You should try her if you haven't yet.

Casey Beth's latest novel is FANTASTIC. My #1 so far of this year. Hmm, I can see how some of Denise's first books pushed the line a bit, but you should totally get the Convenient Groom. I read that one in 5 hrs straight through every time I sit down with it! Yes! I do really like Rachel's books. Excited for her "prince" book! :)

Cathy Daniel Ok I'll try that one thank you!! I don't mind "real" characters as long as there's growth and redemption in the end. Watch me get totally hooked and have to read all her books haha

Casey LOL, yep! Denise's latest books have been more straight romance and the Nantucket series is definitely what got me hooked on her writing!

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