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From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex Gilvarry
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Apr 25, 2012

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*Many of the footnotes included (especially the ones regarding Boy's mistakes) crack me up.
"He began to resemble a Filipino George Michael circa 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'" (79).
“Before eighth grade I'd been much more inclined to sketch cartoonish bodies than hang out with real ones after school” (81).
“...an out of place L.L. Bean backpack with the initials T.W.M. rested against her ankle. I would find out later that the initials belonged to one Todd Wayne Mercer, an ex-boyfriend. He took her virginity; she took his backpack. Fair is fair” (98).
“'Now let's get out and hug like two men who aren't afraid of how it looks'” (116).
“At those khaki financiers, I scoffed” (134).
“Perhaps these are the ramblings of a simple man taking a stab at world affairs, but when our shuttle bus pulled up to the grand furniture warehouse draped with the Swedish flag, I was overcome with a feeling of solidarity for that powerful symbol of economic prowess” (136).
“The judges watched Philip's collection crush the other competitors, me included, and I had a front-row seat to my own mediocrity” (140).
"So very much is in a name. Ralph Lifshitz and Donna Ivy Faske are nobodies, but Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan are gods. A name can bring happiness, fame, fortune, but it can also destroy you. Such was the case for my publicist, Ben Laden" (155).
“I found my skinny jeans to be too constricting for my state, so I changed into some lavender silk scrubs kept in reserve for such an occasion” (248).
“This space of time that followed was like the moment before a crash, or so I can only imagine. Caught in that fraction of a second, you're not anything. You are afloat. Time, space, perception are askew. Your life is secondary to the imminent event. The event is overwhelming. Even fear, which seems so crucial to the event, is somehow put on hold” (252).
“Something in the motto for this godforsaken place has got me thinking about my captors. They are men who have dedicated themselves to what they believe to be a just cause, a righteous cause, a cause buried in a few simple words. I say buried, because breaking the phrase into a call and response, punctuated with 'sir, yes sir,' confuses a fairly respectable ideology: 'Honor bound to defend freedom'” (273).

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