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Horus Rising by Dan Abnett
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Apr 12, 12

Having got into Warhammer through the old WHFPG with some very dear friends of mine i was more of a fantasy person. Eventually i got into the 40K side and it was through a Dan Abnett Gaunts Ghost novel as i recall.

So checking back on the genre to familiarise myself with it i waited for years for something other then an Ultramarines book and finally out it came. Black Library decided to finally tell the tale of the Horus Heresy in all its glory.

what can i say, i brought this book the day it was released and did not put it down until i had finished it. I finally got to see what Abaddon had been like before his own fall, the relative closeness between the Mournival and their father Horus.

Dan hasn't just ignited the Horus Heresy with Horus Rising, he bloody well exploded it. You get a real feel for the characters, including how Horus is probably more human then a Primarch is supposed to be. He is everything the chosen son of the Emperor is supposed to be, charismatic, the perfect diplomat when he is dealing with those brothers of his that are not too happy about his elevation. He is also able to divert his Mournival sons attentions away from the matter at hand, when he does not want to listen to what they have to say.

Dan has not only taken Horus and his Lunar Wolves from the pages of a website information site with little or no information, to a whole new dimension. You start to get to know the characters from the offset and either sympathize, empathize or despise them, but either or you certainly get to know them.

He writes Garvi with some subtle differences and i found that for a trans-human and above all things human that an Astarte's is meant to be, Loken could be the most human. I grew fond of him and Tarik, but i also grew fond of Aximand and Abaddon, all different in their personalities and with the exception of Loken, true sons of Horus, and yet they worked together like a well meshed unit.

After reading this book i finally knew Horus and it has only taken me twenty-five years to even do that.

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